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Super Foods & Weight Loss Work

Updated on November 30, 2011

Super Food That Will Change Your Life

Be One With Nature, Enjoy Life.


Weight Loss, Anti-oxidants and Health Benefits

As a consumer of super foods, I know there are many fit-healthy benefits within them. You’ll need to do a little homework to determine which super foods would be right for you. Super foods are highly nutrition sustenance like apples, blueberries, cherries, broccoli, flax seed, oats, oranges, bee pollen, beans, cauliflower, etc. Also, certain super foods provide healthy benefits that would work better for lowering high blood pressure, cholesterol, or reduce the chance of getting cancer, you get the point. Simply go to your computers search engine and type in "list super foods." You'll then be provided with more super foods and specific benefits then you could ever imagine.

If you have no Idea what would work best for your fit-healthy concern, just start incorporating some of the super foods listed above/below into your diet. You will most likely start feeling better, have more energy, lose weight, etc. Or see your primary care physician and request a physical and blood test to see and improve upon the results. You'll have a base line blood pressure, weight, triglycerides, cholesterol, glucose blood count etc. Then you'll know which super foods to incorporate into your diet that will provide a natural source of healthy nutrients and will provide a super metabolism boost to improve upon your baseline blood test results. Then schedule another blood test 3-6 months down the road to make your comparison against your baseline. You will see an improvement in your results if you stay consistent with your daily fresh food choice selections.

I also highly recommend all adults supplement their diet with a high quality absorbable mineral-vitamin complex, antioxidant, flora (good bacteria) daily supplement pack. I simply recommend this because I know how hard it is to eat fresh super foods daily in balanced proportions. So for insurance I include V&M's that have super food quality incorporated into my daily diet.

Of course you should make every attempt to eat as nutritiously as possible by consuming fresh fruits and vegetables and fiber; also reduce animal fat, sodium and sugar in the diet. The most important advice I could add on as a bonus… Stay away from diet sodas and aspartame sugar additives desert-candy products (Aspartame is in thousands of our processed and packaged foods).

if you do a search on the Internet regarding super food information, you'll also see a lot of advertisement with regard to diet and weight lose. This is because many super foods consumed in their raw form will provide a weight loss advantage with consistent use in a meal plan.

So if you are thinking about a diet plan try adding one or two of these 5 super foods to your diet program. 1) Grapefruit – Known as a fat fighter, can be purchased in capsules, contains cancer fighting compounds, red grapefruit has been shown to lower triglycerides. 2) Sardines – Mass protein benefit, omega-3’s which boosts cardiovascular health, boost mood and stabilizes blood sugar. They are free of contaminants such as mercury and heavy metals and very inexpensive. 3) Pumpkin – Canned pumpkin, or fresh pumpkin is loaded with fiber, easy to prepare, enhance flavor with cinnamon (blood sugar reducer), it’s filling and delicious. There are many weight loss recipes based on pumpkin. 4). Range fed beef – Range fed Beef is a great diet food, doesn’t contain antibiotics. It is a high protein source, protein stimulates metabolism, you feel full longer and range fed is high in omega-3 which provides many other benefits. 5) Green Tea – Is rich in antioxidants, promotes heart, digestion, blood sugar regulation, body temperature, raises metabolic rate, and accelerates fat burning process. 5 cups a day is said to be the ultimate fat loss solution. Green tea is also a natural relaxer, de-stressor.

Super foods are not only great weight loss foods, but also great antioxidants. They are proven to minimize oxidization within the body. Accelerated oxidization due to free radicals in the body causes the body to age and break down internal cellular structure at an increased rate dependant on the amount of free radicals versus antioxidants one incorporates into the daily diet.

Super foods are a great free radical fighter. These foods simply protect the nutrients through the absorption process to maximize the benefit to the metabolism. The analogy here is much like an apple skinned and exposed to air. Without a protective skin the apple begins to oxidize and it turns brown. This is because the apple is now spoiling and dying at a cellular level. The mineral & vitamin nutrients (much like in the exposed apple) we consume can oxidize before they can optimally benefit your health at the cellular level. The scientific data shows that oxidization at an accelerated rate has a direct relationship on your DNA, impacting the aging process, metabolism, weight management, illness and a whole lot of other functions within the body. I used the apple as an analogy, that's not to say if you eat the apple without the skin, you'll not receive the anti-oxidant benefit. You will receive the metabolic benefit.

Whether you want to maintain, lose weight, or receive some other fit-healthy benefit from your diet, I highly recommend you incorporate super foods into your diet. And if you can't eat fresh healthy 3-5 times a day, I would suggest you research and find a quality super anti-oxidant food supplement to provide that daily fit-health boost.


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