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Do diet pills work for both men and women?

Updated on January 12, 2011

Before you resort to diet pills, it is best to rey natural weight loss methods that are safer.

  1. There is one thing that is clear:  obesity or being extremely overweight is not a gender-specific condition. This affects both men and women alike. It does not choose between race, height, weight, age, or nationality.  It is a direct result of poor eating habits and possible genetic conditions like thyroid issues or a slow metabolism.

    Obesity is generally described as a medical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated to the extent that it may have adverse effects on a person’s health and reduces a person’s quality of life and overall life expectancy.  The most common recommendation of treatment for obesity is diet and exercise. Like it or not, this is still the healthiest, most non-invasive way for a person to get to their weight he or she should be.  Thus, looking to the person’s lifestyle is the key to creating a workable weight loss plan. And there is no set formula for a man or a woman’s lifestyle. Health is a general thing and is applicable to both genders.

    This weight loss diet should include food rich in fiber and low in food containing high sugar and fat levels.  So these good foods are often the fruits, vegetables, and whole grains while food to avoid will be your steak and fries or mashed potato.  The logic behind this is simple and sound.  Food high in sugar and fat has no real nutritional value and only adds to your body’s overall sugar level and the mucus that forms in the intestines that causes constipation.  Fibrous food on the other hand has nutrients that are easily absorbed into the body and fibers that are also easily expelled. The resulting body is toxin free but with the correct vitamin intake.   These days, there is no recommended amount for these foods; there is also no rule on what a man or woman should take. The only rule is that the whole food should dominate the diet and the calorie count should be lower than what the obese individual is used to ingesting in order to lose weight. People who struggle to incorporate enough fruits and vegetables into their diets may consider alternatives, such as investing in a juicer machine for example – you can just as well drink fresh juice and obtain fiber, vitamins and nutrients this way instead.

    The issue of diet pills also figures into this weight loss situation.  There are a lot of diet pills for weight loss that it is dizzying to decide among them.  There are those that are prescribed, so a physicians advise is needed, and those that are over the counter. There are synthetic and organic diet pills. And the list goes on and on. What there isn’t is a specific pill for man or woman. Basically, the diet pill works in a uniform way which is to increase the metabolism and to cut hunger pangs. This is needed for both a man and woman who is trying to lose weight.  What is specifically stated is that if you have heart problems, thyroid problems, prostate issues, high blood pressure or high sugar levels, you must consult a doctor and take an ECG and other related tests before taking any pills.


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