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Do we need an antibiotic?

Updated on June 19, 2013


The answer is No , i do not like taking antibiotic at the first sign of any mild infections. Like having a sore throat or any mild infection , the doctor usually would want to prescribe antibiotic for those symptoms but i will let him know is not necessary unless the infection is really serious and painful.

Generally , antibiotics are used commonly and most times inappropriately it becomes antibiotic resistance. When your body relies too much on antibiotics , it doesn't work effectively to fight the bacteria. This happen when bacteria are repeatedly exposed to the same antibiotics or when bacteria are left in your body after you have been taking an antibiotic such as when someone does not fully complete the whole course of their antibiotic medicine. These bacteria can multiply and become strong enough to resist the antibiotic in the future. If you take antibiotics that cannot fight the bacteria , your infection can lasts longer instead of getting better or it might get worse. In the future recurring infection you might have to take different medicines or need stronger antibiotics given intravenously into your vein. So is not advisable to just take antibiotics for mild infections that could probably get cure by yourself. 

I will usually cure myself faster by drinking more fruit juices and eating right , taking more rest and drinking plenty of water. If having a mild sore throat i will gurgle a glass of salt water in the morning and night or gurgle with mouth wash to kill off bacteria . You feel so much better after that and suck on some lozenges to relieve throat infection instead of just taking antibiotic. By doing all this steps you wont be relying too much on antibiotics and your body wont gets antibiotics resistance. 
Your body does not need antibiotics for viral infections such as a cold or influenza. Antibiotics cant fight virus. You only need some cold medicine and many juices and water and plenty of rest. Antibiotics are only needed for illnesses that caused by bacteria , such as urinary tract infections ,strep throat or ear infections. Each time you take antibiotics when you do not really need them , you will increase the chance that you will get an illness someday that is caused by bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics. It will then takes you longer to get well and also you be needing stronger dosage of antibiotics which are not necessary if you have taken the first step to understand the important of not relying too much on it. 



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    • profile image

      KW 7 years ago

      Have fun when you catch strep and don't take antibiotics and then your kidneys fail. Pretty sure drinking fluids and eating right can't fix that.

    • MoneyMagnit profile image

      MoneyMagnit 7 years ago

      Do we love or not antibiotics? No doubt any sane person does not like them. Basically I agree with you. But our real life and everyday stress causes us to take antibiotics. I agree with you, it is necessary do maximum to try avoiding them. The trouble is producing a lot of low-skilled and fake antibiotics.

      It is better to use platsibu forgery, there the consequences of using are incomprehensible.

    • profile image

      causes of a vaginal yeast infection 8 years ago

      Helpful stuff, my pleasure to have come across this, when you get some more i will be more than happy to view it. Thanks for your input.