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Personal Growth Goals and Opposition

Updated on June 14, 2013

Do you want to make changes?

Creating the Changes You Want

How many times have you taken a deep breath and decided to do something different with your life, to only be met with negative input from others? Often many of our best laid plans are squashed before we even have them written down on paper. Sometimes, we might wish to keep our dream a secret; however that is difficult especially if our life involves others. As often as our dreams are crushed, it is normal to just want to throw the towel in and go along with the norm, but when we have done that a little part of us dies. It does not have to be this way though. There is a way to walk your path, live your goals, and not be affected by others opinions.

Changes calls for Honesty

Do your homework first

The first concept is to realize people do not really like change. If you are planning to alter your life, they are wondering how it will affect them. Their insecurities will be shrouded by comments that intentionally will ignite your own self-doubt. This is normal behavior, so expect it.

When you sit down with others, you want to do your homework first. Do realize they will have plenty of apprehesion, especially if they think it will affect their life. Prior to submitting your idea to others, thoroughly write down your goal with both the advantages and disadvantages. Create sub-goals to help minimize any disadvantage, including your's and their doubt. Having a plan is worthless, if you have not done your homework on how to execute it. If Any doubts popped up that you have not thought of prior to this meeting, be honest with them, and tell them you will consider their thoughts.

Work through Your Limitations

Your goal is a newborn baby, treat it accordingly.

You would protect a newborn baby wouldn’t you from bad weather, lack of milk, lack of love and anyone wanting to hurt it? A newborn takes a lot of energy, and there are times the newborn is frightened or is not coping well with their new world. This also applies to a new goal. You will be worried at times, and sometimes not sure what you are supposed to do. Your new goal has managed to put you in alien territory. It is during this period you must religiously protect yourself from any negative thought, person or thing entering your mind to destroy your goal. Act as if your goal is a new born and do not permit your goal to be subject to others negativity. This also includes your own negativity. There will be challenges, and it is best to remember that. You must make a plan on whom or what can help you with these challenges. It is best to know who to not go to during the newborn period. If you really want to change your path and go a different direction, than always remember it is in your hands and no one else’s. You have to realize it is you who is in control. This is demonstrated daily by your actions or inactions you have taken

Free yourself

Walking a different path does not permit you to change another’s path.

It is not to be used as an excuse to leave a marriage, business or whatever you might have in mind because that person is not as enlighten as you. People need to get past this holy – then-thou-judgmental attitude. Enlightenment is within and is not found in the perfect job, marriage, relationship or place to live. If you are seriously seeking a path of spiritual awareness, you need to drop the façade of better-then-attitude. Walking a spiritual path does not consist of making those around you your soldiers.

So if you feel stuck in following your own heart as you choose to walk a different path, take a deep breath and put one foot ahead of the other. Do your homework, gather the newborn and do not try to change others. This is your path, and be secure enough to know you have what it takes to follow it, without holding hostages. Yes, it is going to be a mix bag of pleasure, excitement, bliss, passion, as well as road blocks. Keep going over your plans and make adjustments when need to be, but do not stop. You can rest, for surely we all need a break at times. Do not berate yourself for taking breaks, for often those are needed. As a newborn grows, it needs to adjust to the growth already done, so will you. Reach out for your path with a deep hunger and step forward onto the path you wish to experience. It is okay to take that baby step or leap, either is fine.


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    • mrmathew1963 profile image


      5 years ago from Australia

      I'm a semi illiterate carpenter/joiner who two years ago started writing down my insights & thoughts; I even started up my own blog. There is no way two years ago I thought I would have done what I have done especially in relation with writing. The strangest thing is that some of my theories have been published in a metaphysics mag & on a site for people in specialized fields.

      My theories & insights are quite radical as they don't follow the main stream of thought so you could imagine the backlash I have had, I'm still plodding away at it today!!




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