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Do you suffer from neck pain?

Updated on February 17, 2013
Do you suffer Neck Pain?
Do you suffer Neck Pain?

It is estimated that approximately 25% of all adults in the world’s population will suffer from neck pain at some point during their adult lives. In most cases for some individuals, the pain is a nagging inconvenience, for others it can feel like an undeserved life sentence of pain and disability which they have to endure daily.

I suffer from neck pain so I know exactly how bothersome it can be, my job involves hours sitting and work on a computer, at meetings or driving. All of these activities can have a detrimental effect on the neck if done regularly without reasonable rest.

Although neck pain can be a problem it is very rare that the pain is as a result of serious diseases. In most cases it is caused by inappropriate posture or a sudden accident. While there is no quick fix for neck pain, good news is that you can work towards managing your painful neck using natural methods and overcome the ‘pain in the neck’.

Sudden attack of neck pain

If your neck pain starts suddenly one morning then it maybe as a result of bad posture during your sleep or a pillow that is not suitable and does not provide adequate support to your neck. To get relief from this kind of neck pain, try to address the causes:

(a) Improve your posture when you go to bed and make sure to rest your neck correctly on a suitable pillow.

(b) If you find that your pillow is not best pillow for neck pain then you may wish to purchase a Tri-Core Pillow, this type of pillow has been developed to provide the solution or prevent orthopaedic diseases related to the neck and spine. Those people that suffer from neck pain using this or similar pillow may relieve neck pain

If after changing your pillow and posture you still experience pain then consider taking over the counter pain relievers, making sure you follow guidelines indicated on the package. If that still does not resolve your sudden neck pain then you and it turns into an acute neck pain – you must seek medical advice.

Many people continue with the pain hoping it will go away and they carry this is not good and if your pain continue you must seek medical advice.

Consider reducing stress and strain on your neck, when sitting down maintain a good sitting posture try to limit your sitting to 30mins or less at any one time. Take regular breaks!

If your using computers then make sure that you sit up straight, adjust your chair to comfortable level. Try to keep both your feet flat on the floor or foot rest while sitting on the chair. Adjust your monitor so that the top is level with your eyes. Do regular eye exercise by focusing away from your monitor on an object approx. 20 feet away every 20 minutes or so.

If you suffer with neck pain then try to avoid reading in bed. In other words adopt a good posture for sitting, walking, sleeping and when lifting things to reduce existing neck pain and reduce chances of further injury.

Neck exercise videos to relieve pain

Try YOGA to reduce neck pain

Neck pain exercises

This is an important part of recovering from neck pain. In this hub I am not going to cover that topic as experts have already created books that will teach you how to carry out neck exercise to get relief from neck pain. If you suffer from neck pain you may consider getting yourself a copy of the following book - Fixing You: Neck Pain & Headaches: Self-Treatment for healing Neck pain and headaches due to Bulging Disks, Degenerative Disks, and other diagnoses.

You can also refer to the following Neck pain YouTube videos for additional information:


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