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Does Leg Lengthening Surgery Leave Scars?

Updated on August 1, 2012
If I have my legs lengthened... will I be left with scars?
If I have my legs lengthened... will I be left with scars?

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Leg Lengthening: The bigger picture

Surgery like this is a dramatic life-changing event. One of the main requests I get from folk who know about my surgery is "Can I see your scars"?

Of course, me being a bloke this is not a problem - as far as I see it, they are battle wounds to be worn with pride.

Not everybody thinks like this however.

Scars of leg lengthening surgery

Because leg lengthening surgery involves having a significant amount of metal embedded into your legs for a long period of time, of course it leaves scars.

My experience of this is that they disappear gradually over time - or at least fade. In fact, despite the fact that you can still see mine, they are far less prominent than when the contraptions were first removed.

The reason my scars remain fairly prominent however, is because during the healing process some of my skin became caught in the holes in the bone as they closed up, meaning to this date there are several small points on my legs where the skin will not move around as freely as elsewhere.

Luckily, for those who don't want to show off their scars, most decent hospitals will offer the option of having scars cosmetically removed.

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