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Does Meditation Really Help Benefit Your Life?

Updated on July 9, 2019
Chris Forson profile image

Chris is an aspiring writer who works on various social media sites including Upwork, Instagram and Facebook Groups.

What is Meditation?

Meditation which was first created by Buddhist monks in China is the practice of getting a sense of mindfulness and looking at your thoughts from a perspective. Worldwide today we use and classify meditation in our lives daily. A common disbelief about meditation is that you must sit in a crisscross leg pose and close your eyes for an extended amount of time. That is not true. Meditation can be practiced any kind of way as long as you are mindful. So yes there are real benefits of meditation that can impact your life.

My personal experience Meditating

In my experience first coming to meditate was really hard. The thought of sitting and doing nothing for some time bored me. Each time I started and ended meditation I would notice a significant difference in my level of clear thinking. The bad part was that I did not create a daily routine so I would stop meditation and come back. About a year ago I decided to make it a common practice to meditate every morning. At first it was hard because I did not have a timer. But once I started to time myself every day and upping the time every week I noticed a real difference. Now I meditate everyday for about 15 minutes a day and sometimes throughout the day.

Benefits of Meditation

1. Promotes better emotional Health- Meditation is the practice of focusing on ones-self for a prolonged period of time. It helps you manage and control your thoughts through relaxation and inner peace.

2.Generates more positivity- Since you are clearing your mind through focusing on your thoughts. You can see all of the positive and negative thoughts. Once you see your negative thoughts you can add more positive thoughts so the negative will go away.Think of it as kool-aid and water. You must add the positive kool-aid to the negative water to turn the whole thing positive.

3.Improves Sleep- By clearing your mind. Meditation helps with your quality of sleep. People suffer from insomnia at all ages but with meditation you can sleep better with a clearer mind. Even if you do not have insomnia you will notice better rest and sleep.

4. Improves Focus- Meditation betters your focus time because you are actually focusing on your thoughts and actions. You will see that you can focus on everything better from talking to people or playing sports.

5. Helps to be more calm- Meditation helps you focus on inner peace which is basically a sense of calmness in its own. Since you have control of your thoughts and actions you can then begin to be more calm in hard situations.

6. Reduces Stress- Meditation reduces stress by breathing which affects our pulse rate and also blood pressure. It also reduces stress because you can ignore the thoughts that worry you or put in more positive thoughts.

7. Creates better Self-Awareness- Meditation creates better self awareness because you are focusing on your thoughts and actions which make you mentally aware.

Try it for Yourself!

Meditation is a very simple and common practice that anyone can do. When first starting if you have trouble focusing try doing it for a minute and then upping the time everyday. Also try some meditation music like the one I listed down below. Remember you do not have to do meditation a certain way. It can be done in your preference as long as you are focused.

To sum it all up

Now that you know all of the various benefits about meditation you can go and meditate for your first time! Remember when first starting it might seems hard or boring to just sit there and focus on your various thoughts. But with lots of practice and discipline you will become great at it. Happy Meditating!

My favorite Meditation Music!

Here's a video if you are still having trouble!


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