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Don't Go For a Jog,Go For a Walk-Walking is Good For You.

Updated on June 4, 2012

Going For A Walk


Jog or Walk

Yes walking is good for you and we shouldn't think we are taking the easy option.Lets be honest we weren't born to run.

Our early ancestors weren't running around, they were walking As they hunted and gathered they probably walked more than 15 miles a day.Many people think we evolved to move this way.

The body does not like aggressive and jerky movements and walking lets your heart pump in a steady rhythmical manner, thus ensuring your circulation is at it's most efficient.It is well documented that walking reduces blood pressure.

It is not impossible to get injured walking, but compare this to running where four out of five people end up with injuries.This is because we are carrying twice our body weight when running compared to walking.

Walking Cheers You Up

You may have heard this before , but it is all to do with the feel good hormones, such as serotonin and endorphins.The short bouts of activity are more relaxing than exuberant and forceful types of exercise.

Walking will detach yourself from the stresses and strains of work,and always take your walks in the fresh air.It is more natural and better than walking around say in an indoor shopping centre.

The more sedate pace of walking as apposed to running helps you to take in the natural surroundings and boosts your mental welfare.

Walking Overcomes Backpain

When we are sitting down in our cars and at computers, the muscles in the back become tighter and weaker.Once we are in our natural vertical position, and walking as we should, our spine acts as a shock absorber for the vertical forces.Walking is beneficial to the joints and discs of the back, more so than the added rigours of running.

Good For The Brain

Walking is beneficial for the brain as it compels it to multitask. when we take a walk it brings together the sights and sounds input from the joints and muscles.-These are the findings of the American college of Sports Medicine.

Latest studies show that taking a daily stroll may increase the size of your brain. They believe that cardiovascular activities such as walking, boosts the blood flow to the brain creating growth in the brains memory centre.

How Much Walking

It is recommended you should walk around 5 miles a day to maintain a healthy heart, which is around 10,000 steps. The average person walks around 5,000 steps without realising.

5,000 steps would take around 20 minutes, so if you aim for a brisk 20 minutes walk a day you should easily reach your target.

A brisk walk would burn nearly as many calories as jogging. You could burn off up to 180 calories walking at 140 steps per minute.

Okay time for a walk!


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    • ronaldoh profile image

      ronaldoh 6 years ago from England

      Nice to see you sarovai, I enjoy walking myself, although I have don running sports in the past.Thank you for your morale boost.

    • sarovai profile image

      sarovai 6 years ago

      Yes. I like walking daily. You information about walking boosted my morale. I voted up and shared. Thank u for sharing useful hub.