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Don't Hide Behind The Bottle Get Help

Updated on June 23, 2010

Have you ever had to hide from someone to sneak a drink? Did you feel ashamed by doing so? Were you embarrassed or upset for what you had done?

These are some of the questions you may ask yourself when you are ready to tilt that bottle again. You don't want to hide behind the bottle, get help!

There was a time in my life after many years of drinking when I too hid to sneak that drink. I was embarrassed to even pull in my driveway and get out with a 12 pack or more for the evening. I knew that my neighbors were watching as I ran into the house with my fix for the night.

I was so embarrassed that I would try to crack the beer can open very quietly so no one would hear that can open. Now, that's really feeling guilty of your alcohol addiction in my eyes. But, you know what, it never stopped me from continuing to drink.

All my neighbors and family knew what the real deal was with me. They would just look at me like I had 2 heads or something, and probably saying to themselves, "he is at it again, do you think he will ever quit drinking alcohol"?

To be perfectly honest, as much as I loved to drink alcohol I always felt guilty when doing so,and more so, I felt embarrassed for my family and wife. They would make up excuses for me to cover up my actions and addiction.

I know for a fact, that they were mortified sometimes of some of the idiotic stunts or actions I would do when I was drunk. In my eyes, I thought I was being funny and not drunk, but it wasn't funny to them at all, they were truly embarrassed of my actions.

Every person has a different level of addiction. Some may just be mild and those that are on the verge of losing everything including their life. Either way, any addiction causes severe and drastic life changes. We all can overcome our addiction and become clean and sober again, if you truly want to change your life

Some may have to hit rock bottom before they see the light. You just have stand your grounds and face your demons head on and say that you have had enough of this addicted life!

Stay Strong To Yourself, Believe In Yourself, Listen To Your Inner Soul And Your Heart, Get Out Of Denial, Keep A Positive Attitude, Love Yourself Like No Other,


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    • beth811 profile image

      beth811 7 years ago from Pearl of the Orient Seas

      Your last paragraph is so inspiring. Thanks! Rated up!