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Staying Sober One Day At A Time-My Story

Updated on June 9, 2011
Here I am happy as can be and all alone in the garage.
Here I am happy as can be and all alone in the garage.

Well here I am happy as can be and alone again in my garage, just me and my beer. This is where I spent a lot of time doing the drinking thing. I was alone because no one could bare to be around me when I drank.

I didn't think I was doing anything wrong so why is everyone avoiding me? It took a lot of years of abusing alcohol to finally figure out the true picture of what exactly was happening to my world.

Yes, I look happy in that picture, but deep down inside I was miserable, frustrated and a very lonely person. Sure, everyone was around me and spent time with me only when I wassober. I just didn't get it to why people were so against me drinking. I felt just fine and didn't think I was drunk at all any of the times people would say, "haven't you had enough"?

I was basically blinded to the outside world. I was living in my own little world of addiction and never saw it. I was in denial so bad that I didn't think I had a problem, only the rest of the world did.

Have you ever had a day that all you thought of the entire day was getting home to get that first of many drinks? No matter where I was and what I was doing the alcohol was always in the back of my mind. The demons in my head would be begging for their feeding of their alcohol. They ran my life, they controlled my thoughts, my actions and came close to destroying my family and possibly being the death of me, if I were to continue the way I was going.

There came a day right where I was sitting in that garage that something came over me. It felt like a voice was trying to tell me that I was doing wrong for myself and my family, and if I wanted to be around this world for awhile longer I'd better make some huge changes in my life.

I thought to myself "do I want to live the rest of my life being alone as I am now, or do I want to be around the people that love and care for me so much and be sober"?

I wanted to be clean and sober and to be able to live a life of sobriety, but I didn't really know just how to go about it. I finally said that I have an alcohol addiction and I want help. I asked myself "do you think you can beat this addiction alone"? My answer was YES I can conquer this on my own, but I will need some help from my family and my God in Heaven to succeed.

I knew I could achieve anything in life including sobriety with the help and guidance of God. At that moment I began to ask for his help and guidance to get me through this journey in a safe and healthy way.

I had many dreams and goals all through my life that I could not achieve due to my addiction to alcohol. By surrendering to my addiction and becoming clean and sober I knew that in time I would be able to accomplish things that I could not have done being addicted.

I had to think positive that I would be able to do this and Staying Sober One Day At A Time would be all I could do. I didn't want to think how I would feel tomorrow or next week. I wanted to live each day one at a time and take every moment to enjoy life as it should be, SOBER!

It has taken a lot of hard work but I was determined to conquer my addiction and to be able to live life to the fullest with my family.

If anyone has the desire to become sober, you can do it, if you have the willingness, strength and determination to success. Don't be embarrassed of your addiction, call out for help to your family and most important ask God for his help because he loves you and will help you be able to live the life he intended for you to live.


Happy and together, not alone and sober.
Happy and together, not alone and sober.
Life can not get any better than this!
Life can not get any better than this!


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    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 6 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      Richard you should be so proud of yourself to decide to quit drinking beer. That is all I drank was beer too. I hated the hard stuff but really made up for it drinking beer. I watched my appearance change every time I looked into the mirror and getting heavier each and everyday and for a person that is very vein and always worry is I look good it was not me. If you stay focused Rich and keep that positive attitude you will beat this addiction, believe me. each and everyday gets easier and easier and before you know it you will be counting weeks, then months and then as for me years .

      God bless you Rich and if you Believe you will Achieve, that is the ticket my friend.


    • profile image

      Richard 6 years ago

      your story is inspiring. I have decided to quit drinking beer altogether as well. Never been a big whiskey drinker, can't stand the taste. Been drinking beer for 17 years (19-36) and I'm just sick and tired of being and feeling sick and tired. Drank so much beer 2 nights ago I passed out and don't even remember it.

      I have God and a great faith community to help me as well and I know my family is tired of seeing me abuse myself. I pray I will be successful just like you have been. Peace.

    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 7 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      Charlie thanks for the comment. I sorry to hear about your friend and son. I pray they will be able to achieve their sobriety as I did. I never knew for years what it felt like to wake up every morning feeling good and not hung over.

      Take care Charlie


    • profile image

      ralwus 7 years ago

      I hold many secrets within my starving skinny soul, drink is not one of them. Although I do enjoy it. I have friends and a son who are addicts or alcoholics and in the 12 step programs. This bottle I hold will probably never be opened until after I am gone. Bless you and keep it up. Charlie

    • Pratonix profile image

      Pratonix 7 years ago from Asia

      God bless you, Clean Life. Since you are from New Jersey, have you tried visiting Keswick? It's on the way to Tom's River. It's near Whiting, NJ.

      Great place for recovery, restoration and to enjoy God's peace.

      Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, the Life. Salvation is in CHRIST ALONE.

    • Madison22 profile image

      Madison 7 years ago from NYC

      Clean life, thank you for sharing your experience, strength and hope. You are a power of example to many still struggling. Great hub!

    • profile image

      Patrick 7 years ago

      Awesome Hub here, glad you decided to get clean and now you are blessed with a sober relationship with your wife. Awesome stuff, keep writing and spreading the message!

    • StephanieP profile image

      StephanieP 7 years ago from Los Angeles, California

      Dear Clean Life,

      I am so happy for you. One of the most important aspects of sobriety and staying sober is reflecting on how you used to be. Focus on the bad feeling you had instead of the good times you had when you were drunk. If anything, I just don't romanticize anymore about the fun times because the bad times of addiction far exceeded the good times. Congrats on your decision to sober up, keep it up and it gets even better!