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Don't Quit Now; Five Easy Steps to Achieve Your Goals

Updated on January 24, 2020
Deborah Demander profile image

Deborah is a writer, healer, and teacher. Her goal is to empower people to transform their lives from the inside out. Live your best life.

Don't Give Up On Yourself


How Do I Stay Motivated?

Once you've set a goal, made a resolution or created an intention, the first two or three weeks are full of enthusiasm, inspiration and energy. You get up early, full of excitement about achieving your desired outcome.

And then, real life hits you. After the first three weeks or so, you feel tired and overwhelmed. Work is stressful. Your marriage is tough. The kids are annoying. School is getting hard. Life challenges come head to head with your desire to improve your life.

You find yourself hitting the snooze button and sleeping through your workout. Or you hit the drive through window on your way home, forgetting about your desire to save money.

Whatever your goals, resolutions and intentions, this article contains several great tips to help you get back on track and stay committed to your journey.

In A Nutshell

1. Make one change at a time

2. Don't beat yourself up

3. Remember your why

4. Begin Again

5. Challenge Yourself

One Small Step


Take One Step

A lot of times, people decide to make sweeping changes to their entire lives. They start a new job and a new exercise program, while opening a savings account to save for that dream vacation.

Achieving your goals and living your best life doesn't happen all at once. Take one change at a time. Give it time to become a habit before you begin changing something else.

Your brain can only manage so much self-discipline. If you never give yourself a moment to rest, your body and your mind will rebel. Even if you're working out and eating right every day, you might not see optimal results, because your body is stressed and you're tired. You might give in to temptation more readily in other areas, because you have drained your inner resources.

Instead of changing everything all at once, think in terms of small steps. One step at a time. You want to save money? Do one thing each day to make that a reality. Lasting change takes place over time. Small changes are easy to implement and maintain.

Rather than overhauling everything, today make one change. Eat better. Drink more water. Go for a walk. Spend time with your family.

Whatever your goal is, success comes much easier when you take simple steps every day. Persistent, consistent effort creates lasting results.

Just Be Nice


Live Your Life Fully

Be Kind to Yourself

It can be frustrating to pursue a goal, only to falter a few weeks into it. The important thing, when you fall down or falter, is to get back up.

Give yourself a pat on the shoulder. Give yourself a mental hug. Tell yourself that it's okay. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone falls short. And you can start over in the next moment.

Rather than focus on your failures and short-comings, remind yourself of how far you've come. And if you haven't come very far, that's okay too. Remind yourself that you have another opportunity to begin again.

You are not defined by whether you achieve this or that goal, whether you fulfill your resolution or whether you perfectly execute your intention.

Your life is defined by who you are being in any given moment. Be kind. First to yourself. Cut yourself some slack. You are doing the best you can, and in the next moment, you'll be back at it.

Beating yourself up, shaming yourself and feeling frustrated only lead you down the road of failure. Starting down the new road of success, remind yourself that you can do it. You are strong, smart and capable. You've got this!

Remember Why


Remember Your Why

Why did you choose this goal? What inspired you to want to change something about your life?

For each person, for each goal, resolution and intention, the why is different. But, the why is always important. What did you wish to achieve?

Why are you doing this thing? Why are you eating healthy? Why are you saving money? Why are you being kind, or not smoking or working an extra job?

Remember why you began, and continue to remind yourself. You are important. You are strong. You are capable.Today, challenge yourself to do the thing that seems impossible. Just for today don't let your mind convince you to take the easy road.

Remember your why and take the path less taken.

Let's Start Over


Start Over

There is no rule that says if you mess up, you're finished. In life, you always get a chance to start over.

When you set goals, create resolutions or form intentions, you begin something new. Old habits die hard. When you slip back into the way you used to do things, don't give up.

Take a deep breath. Now. Begin again. Every moment is an opportunity to start fresh. Each sunrise, an entire day to be the person you want to be. Just for today. Each breath is an opportunity to experience the fullness of who you truly are, to work toward the truth of who you want to be, and to express the beauty of your best life.

When things fall apart, and they surely will, don't give up. Stop. Take a breath. Begin again. It is never too late to start over.

Challenge Yourself


Challenge Yourself to Take the Next Step

When starting new routines and creating new habits, the biggest obstacle is your mind. You are your own worst enemy and your own biggest cheerleader. Everyday is an opportunity to determine whether you will undermine yourself or challenge yourself to excel.

Your mind will create excuses. Your thoughts might slip back into old beliefs and old patterns. Doubts and fears creep into these old spaces. But you can think a new thought. You can do a new thing. You can challenge yourself to take one step in the direction of your better life.

Your body might not feel like getting up early, and your mind might suggest hitting the snooze button. But your heart, your spirit urges you onward and upward. Challenge yourself to take one more step in the right direction.

It helps to decide ahead of time, how you will handle situations. Before going out to eat, decide what you will eat and don't tempt yourself by looking at the menu. Before you go to bed, set out your workout clothes, so you can put them on as soon as you wake up. Set up an automatic withdrawl from your paycheck to make that deposit into your new savings account.

Challenge yourself to take the next steps, while you feel strong and determined. That way, when you feel tired and defeated, you don't have to think. You can just take the step that leads to your success.

You make great gains in your life when you change your mind. Your thoughts impose your limits, or they help you soar to great heights. Begin thinking new thoughts of your success, your achievement, and your greatness. Release the negative tapes of failure. Learn from your mistakes and move on.

Challenge yourself to think a fresh thought and take the next step toward your success. Let go of who you were and embrace the greatest, grandest version of yourself that you can create.

Namaste, friends


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