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Dozen Ideas on What to do During Weekends : How to Relax on Weekends

Updated on October 24, 2012

Dozen suggestions and ideas on what to do during weekends

People love weekends because it is usually time when we don’t have time to work and we are anticipating quiet moments plus a rest day where we can do things we would like to do. All of us have different circumstances too, some have families, living alone, married without children, with children or just living with friends etc.

  1. Gotta love to watch your favorite sports on weekend
  • During weekend during the football season (September to early February) , football (National Football League), I watched the game and I rooted for the underdogs, gotta love them. I also watched basketball on nights on weekdays as well as weekends when the season goes on. I scream and yell when the team I am rooting for is winning, hehe, gotta scream once in while to let go, frustrations. Yes, I get frustrated when the team I am rooting for lost their game, then I just look at the faces of the team and how much more to them, watching game is like life itself, you win some you lose some. Next time, you gotta work hard again to win.


woman relaxing weekend
woman relaxing weekend
FOOTBALL weekend
FOOTBALL weekend
BEER Weekends
BEER Weekends

2. Thanks God it is Friday -- enjoy Friday nights being alone -- by sleeping, be with your friends, bf/gf or with your family

  • Usually on Friday nights I sleep late, (you have the reason to be lazy). For most of us who worked on weekdays, it is a time to relax, sleep and eat without thinking of the time. When I am not visiting a friend, i just enjoy it alone, or if you like you can visit your friends or be with your girlfriend. In my case, usually the children arrives here in the house on Saturday 2 pm, but during winter and January I don’t feed children anymore as it is too cold going out. I usually cook for children and feed some of them every Saturday afternoon except during this time, winter, it is too cold.

3. Do worthwhile activities, pursue a hobby.

  • Aside from HubPages, try other hobbies you might want to do. Last weekend I tried singing and strumming a guitar, been doing these but I am still a novice and the only thing that stop me from learning is once my fingers are numbed already, then I stopped. You can also do these things while you are doing other things, for example while watching TV.

4. Reading books and watching or reading the news; it takes me 4 hours on Saturday and Sunday to do this, although for news I listen to it everyday -- CNN and BBC, an average of one hour because it is repetitive anyway so one hour is enough. When you read, pamper your feet at the same time, put them up on the couch for blood circulation, own your TV room, make it comfortable for you, MAKE YOUR DAY in short LOL.

5. Cleaning your place (making it presentable) and maintenance check, hehe, throwing all the garbage and putting the music while doing these things so that your senses are working. Take time to do household chores like cleaning your house or apartment, laundry, or just putting things together. You can also dance with the music. “Don’t you love me baby” hehe.

6. Groceries-- I go to WalMart -- Whats not to love at Walmart, they are cheap and they offer many products too. You can Go green if you like or you just choose things, I don’t bother reading all the calories, at a glance you know what food makes you gain weight or not

7. Try Meditation-- Have you tried this one, sit down in a quiet room, close your eyes and just concentrate, what do you see, blackness isn’t it, try it again when you are not fully concentrated there are many things going in your mind. Inhale, exhale and then close your eyes, then drift off to sleep (just kidding, don't sleep hehe)

8. Take a walk -- See the world outside -- here in Dallas during winter, it is not as cold as the rest of the East Coast here in the US or any part of the western world, but much colder than the tropical places of course. You can take a walk, just dress for the cold. Usually depression sets in during winter season because of the bitter colds, seeing the outside world helps, just be careful when driving as well if you like to take your car. DRIVE CAREFULLY. In the normal time of the year, you can walk with your dog or alone, or try the parks.

9. Connect with friends -- Socialize with your friends and take time to know what they have been up to or if you can get together for some fun or just updating each other about the happenings in your life.

10. Move your butt, just move it-- it is like exercise, Just do chores which require action and activity so that you don’t get bored. and run errands as well; like going to the mall, watched movies. But if you are so tired in the weekdays working, then there is a reason not to move your butt, you have opportunity to just drift off to sleep. For me, I just get my normal sleep then I chose to be mobile, I don't overslept as I get headache when I am deprived in the weekdays and I am used to it on weekends.

11. Enjoy moments with your gf/bf/wife/love interest.   When you are with a loved one, bonding is very important during weekends as the two of you might be together, for example if you are both working on weekdays, pampering each other on weekends when you have more time is a very nice idea. More room for lovemaking, LOL.

12. And the most important of them all -- Take time to enjoy activities with your family --- If you have a family, then it is time to bond with each other. Children remember the times you are with them for the rest of their lives, like playing together, going to the store together or supporting them in their chosen sports for example. “Families that prays together, stays together on weekends except for the father who stays with another” just kidding.

How about you, what do you do on weekends?


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