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Updated on August 4, 2022

Since Childhood, Till Date

Since my childhood, I had a lot of dreams which I remember bit by bit. One of them was in Black and White, when there was a power outage in my area and I was sitting near the door, and the Moon was shining bright as if it were a Full Moon Night. There were many others of different kinds in nature.

However there is one dream which reoccurred frequently. Infact, I also got a sequel of it, which is even stranger!!!

First part of my dream goes like this,

I am on a plain with knee high yellow grass and few trees around. I am sitting under a tree in a warm afternoon, and surrounding me are a couple of cubs. I am playing with them very casually and as if I know them since my childhood. At a far site I see an image slowly moving towards me. It’s dark brown with shades of yellow. It gets stronger and more powerful with every meter covered. As it gets closer, it gradually splits into two. Suddenly I realize, they are the parents, a Lion and a Lioness, of these cubs, I am playing with. I aren’t afraid, rather they came beside me and laid down by my side, while I was still playing.

The End of Part One

This Dream of mine has reoccurred more times than any others. After waking up, I used to feel no anxiety, stress or pain, which was very unusual. Infact, I used to stay fresh throughout the day as long as I remember.

The Sequel

The second part starts as,

All four of them are sitting under the tree while I am going somewhere (I didn't see the path however). After some time, it feels like evening, and I am sitting on the terrace of a single story building, which is surrounded by trees, denser this time. I listen to a few roars, when I feel a little scared, and my heartbeats grow harder literally. I was even able to smell them coming towards me (This was the same smell as we feel when we pass by the cage of a lion or tiger in any zoo). Suddenly, I realize two entities on my either side on the ground. It felt as if they are known to me, when I guessed the same couple from the plain with whose cubs I were playing earlier, so I felt relieved. I looked at them, but instead of a lion and a lioness, this time there are two lionesses. Both of them climbed up, yet I am relaxed. They even roared while standing beside me, but I am as calm as nothing happened. Instead, I am looking at them, their face and their teeth while they are roaring, which making me feel amazed everytime I see them. Later they started to touch my hands and arms with their head. I am still relaxed!!!

The End of Part Two

The second part of the dream started occurring about a few years ago, after which my first dream din't occur at all…!!! However, for this dream I would say, there is always some level of anxiety and fear at initial level which later on goes away.

About My Dreams:

I don’t know exactly why, but I get dreams every other or third day. In order to analyze, I wake up and look back at the events of the previous day and try to relate my dream with them. In most cases, I successfully relate the events from the earlier day with the dream following that day. But this particular dream is something I am not able to relate with any event, as whenever I have this dream the events which occurred earlier are different than previous occurrence and the events which occurred immediately prior to it.



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