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Driving Anxiety Disorder

Updated on July 13, 2011

Driving Anxiety Disorder | How To Deal With It?

Learning to overcome a driving anxiety disorder can be a daunting task. It may seem like you will never be able to get behind the wheel of your car again. If your recent driving experiences have left you sweating and on the verge of hyperventilating, you probably suffer from a driving anxiety disorder.

Do not despair, there are some possible solutions to this problem that you can try immediately.

And having a celebrity like Rush Limbaugh to turn to might help.

Lets suppose that every time you take a trip in your car, on some part of the journey you start to feel anxious.  Maybe you begin to feel a sense of overwhelming anxiety.  There is no real reason for this, but it happens just the same. For safeties sake, your first response should be to pull to the side of the road.

Ok, now you are safe for the moment.

But what do you do now?

You can't very well call a tow truck and have your car towed back to your house. Well you could, but that would be very expensive after while, so maybe a better solution would be not to suffer from a driving anxiety disorder. While any one can have a bad day or have an incident while driving that can "rattle" nerves, suffering from  a driving anxiety disorder takes it a step further. It is very important to try to recognize and intervene before this disorder progresses to far.

While the solutions, aside from drug therapy, are mostly the same, I feel that there are common sense ways to keep your attacks to a minimum.

And while Rush Limbaugh may not be your personal choice to help, I will use him as one example of what I mean. I picked a radio personality due to the fact that my car has a radio. If you have  programs on CDs that will fit this purpose, feel free to use them.

How you ask?

I don't often agree with a lot that Rush has to say and I find him irritating at times, so his program for me at least, is a major distraction. In fact, I find myself arguing a counter point to what he has to say quite often. The more I disagree with him, the more irritated I become, and less likely I am to have an attack of my driving anxiety disorder. For those of you who are fans of Rush's show, I am only using him as an example.

There are many other radio programs you can listen to, that will provide you with the same kind of distraction while driving.

It might even help to listen to something like this before getting into your car. If you can start out slightly distracted and continue that feeling throughout your whole trip, you will find yourself at your destination before you know it.

Now you know how to use your political views, and even your anger to keep from having a recurrence of your driving anxiety disorder. 

Here is something else that will help you. Visit this website with more information about your driving anxiety disorder. It's the number one resource for people who are suffering from a driving fear. 

Do You See This When You Experience Driving Anxiety?

Trying To Overcome Your Driving Anxiety Disorder? Tell Us Your Experience!

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    • Opeth profile image

      Bill Burniece 

      8 years ago from Colorado

      Great tips. I used to suffer panic attacks while driving which was not just scary but downright dangerous. I wish I would have had read this article when they first started happening to me since it felt nobody could help me.

      Thanks again! - Bill

    • tiffany delite profile image

      Tiffany Delite 

      8 years ago from Wichita, KS

      i have first hand experience with several types of anxiety disorders, but i can't say i have this one. i suppose one could get around ok without driving because people without driver's licenses or cars do it all of the time, but i can only imagine how frustrating it would be to not be able to drive for being scared to. thanks for the great information in this hub. blessings!


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