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Drug Addiction-Substance Abuse

Updated on October 27, 2015

Drug Addiction

Getting Help for Drug Addiction

A Duval County, FL couple; arrested on drug related charges. A young couple in their early 20s. Authorities arranged to make a drug purchase and the couple had their young children with them during the transaction. The charges were for the sale of marijuana and child abuse. The children were taken away by Families and Children Services. The police were informed the couple was selling drugs and the police arranged a buy. This is only one sad result of drug abuse. The proble has no age limit, gender or race. Any one can develop a drug habit.

Start on your way to a drug free life with one phone call. Newspapers are filled with stories similar to this one. Stories of selling drugs or using substances that have a horrible effect on the lives of everyone involved. Drug use filters into all occupations, and any socio-economic group.

Cities have rehab facilities that can help rid a user of the desire to use drugs. You are only a phone call away from drug freedom. Drugs are almost impossible to give up on your own. The majority need professional help to get away from the hold drugs have over their lives.

Agencies specialize in drug rehabilitation. Halt the strangle hold of drugs on your life by calling a Detox unit and let them get you help.Becoming an addict is never the plan. Perhaps you feel you could stop on your own and have found you cannot. Let professionals help you. Get help by connecting with an agency of professional drug counselors. You can escape the hold of drugs. When users are arrested for drugs, it is not the end of the world unless you want it to be. Continuing to take drugs may rob you of a choice. Call a Detox facility and get the help you need

A seventh grade teacher, arrested during a drug operation drugs. Parents are concerned and surprised. Authorities found assorted drugs on the teacher facing drug charges. These are incidents that happen all over but people with drug addictions can be helped. If they want the help. no one can force a person to get help. A hand up will come from some place but if a person refuses to reach out, well, do the math.

Drug Addiction Destroys

Substance Abuse - Drug Addiction

For generations substance abuse has been a menacing problem for people everywhere. People associate substance abuse with street drugs and its co- problems: withdrawal symptoms and addiction with illegal drugs. This is not always the case. Sometimes addiction is brought on by the abuse of prescription drugs. Alcohol abuse requires treatment while nicotine can be tossed aside by some without any physical problems. Some people replace an addiction with another addiction; food is one such replacement. This usually follows a non-life threatening addiction.

Substance abuse can be related to alcohol, pills or liquid chemicals. There are many products never thought of as possible substance abuse items but are used by people everyday. The major medications on the field of addiction are always carefully watched, Oxycotin, Heroine, Crack cocaine, and others. Hair spray, paints and inhalants even mouth wash are products that create long term health problems. Withdrawal is the behavior of the body when the drug is no longer available to the body. Depending upon the drug, reactions vary when the drug is taken away. The method of entrance into the body also plays a role. If a drug is removed suddenly from the addict the result can be fatal. Substance abuse, withdrawal symptoms, addiction will become quite especially agitating and start to dissipate but with some substance withdrawals, the withdrawal activity is life threatening.

The rate of substance abuse, withdrawal symptoms, addiction and other drug related problems is at a high, due to accessibility. People become mentally and physically dependent upon drugs at different rates. The chemical influence upon the brain is affected and withdrawal is easily noticed with depression a feeling of anxiety and a lust for the drug in question. The use of drug after a while produces no reaction and the user is continuously in search of that high. The lengths the user will abuse a drug in order to reach that special feeling in the brain can take them to a fatal collapse. Some drug abusers hide their abuse as long as possible while others are more obvious. People lose homes and families due to substance abuse. A large number of the homeless population is due to addiction. If a person should decide to seek a recovery program it can be years before they are ready to enter society without drug use. With any addiction recovery is a lifelong process.

Substance abuse, withdrawal symptoms, addiction affect the way people function in society or their inability to function. Chemical dependency on any drug causes people to pull away from family and friends and lean more and more to the drug of their dependency, over time behavior becomes that of a person with an addiction. Sitting in one place when there is money or any form of access to the drug of choice is virtually impossible. Hostilities are more prevalent with family members because of drug addiction until communication with family members is almost nonexistent if the abuser does not seek help. A rock bottom is generally reached before the substance abuser reaches for help but since each person has their own idea of rock bottom this is a guessing game.

Substance abuse, withdrawal symptoms, addiction today is effectively treated. Medical science treats drug abuse with the same vigor as any other illness. Patients take the needed medications for recovery leading with treatment to aid the patient in withdrawing from the initial affects of the abused substance. Substance abuse, withdrawal symptoms, abuse have no economic limitations. Where a person lives or grew up has no bearing on abuse of drugs. City streets are filled with people with addictions and so are small communities. People die from addictions, saturating their systems with one drug or another trying to recapture the first Euphoric high.

Years of research has placed the medical community in a good position to help people who truly want to rid themselves of the habit of drug addiction but it is very much up to the individual. If the addict does not truly want help the best efforts are useless. Substance abuse, withdrawal symptoms, addiction and other related problems are a constant battle for the addicted person. Many people with an addiction have difficulty breaking away from the comradeship that goes with drug addiction as well as the drug itself.

The entire community is affected by substance abuse. Areas with high drug use are riddled with crime and generally very undesirable for a living area. When taking a medication for any reason no one seriously expects to become addicted. Most people feel they can handle any situation presented to them particularly drugs, but this is not always the case. Body chemistry is different for everyone. Some people will become addicted to one drug and not another; tolerance level makes the difference. Medical specialists have made strides with antidotes but have yet to discover the reason for this differentiation in people and addictions. There are no easy answers for solving drug addiction, but the problem can be solved.


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