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What Are Ear Infections, And How To Prevent Them

Updated on June 19, 2013

Ear Infection

An ear infection is basically what it sounds like, an infection in the ear. It is a very contagious problem, and you should immediately go to a doctor as soon as possible to get it cured. It is passed on to other people by coughing, sneezing, or any other type of contact with the sick person. Fortunately ear infections are not deadly, and they are easily treated by antibiotics. Ear infections have been around for many centuries, and therefore are very common in all ages as well as genders. Most of the ear infections start when the seasons are changing, or it is starting to get cold. One other thing is that ear infections are not caused by cold air going in the ear. That is just a myth, ear infections are caused by bacteria. If your outside on a windy day and there is a lot of cold wind blowing out you might feel like you have an ear infection, but that's usually just temporary. Ear infections are very painful especially if they happen at night, they happen when swelling of the eustachian tube blocks fluids from the ear from draining. During this time the fluids are inside the ear, and they provide a perfect reproduction ground for bacteria. Soon the bacteria that's in the ear grows into a ear infection.


Symptoms are usually very persistent, and can range from mild to severe. Symptoms of an ear infection include:

- Pain in ear.

- Feeling of ear congestion.

- Difficulty hearing.

- Fever.

- Drainage of pus from ear.

When To See A Doctor

Usually if pain does not go away, and you have been feeling bad for more then a few hours you should consider seeing a doctor. If not taken care of a ear infection can become worse. If you experience sharp pains, fever, dizziness, or you seem to feel sick and feel that your ear is congested you should immediately get it checked out by your doctor. Be sure to explain what symptoms you are feeling thoroughly to your doctor.


Your doctor will examine your throat and ears. Usually this doesn't take but 4 minutes, and then he or she will tell you if you have an ear infection. Usually ear infections are treated with antibiotics, so your doctor might prescribe you a type of antibiotic. Take the antibiotics just like your doctor said and be sure not to miss a single day. The main key to fighting of an ear infection is having enough rest, and fluids. Be sure to drink lots of fluids because they help clean your body, and fight off the infection. That should help out a lot and before you know it you will be feeling great again.


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