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Easing labor pains

Updated on January 27, 2013

My childbirth experience

During the time I was pregnant, like any other woman out there, I was extremely curious about what labor and childbirth is going to be. We all hear the same frightening story: it's the most painful experience in the life of a woman. So, this statement is giving us a draw back from the beginning, when we need a good start in all the pregnancy, labor and childbirth period of our life.

From my own experience I can tell you that labor and childbirth pain is a lot overrated as intensity.Of course we all have different perception about pain and pleasure, some are more sensitive and some are not and have an ability to cope with pain better.

But, as I am one of the first category, being extremely sensitive to pain, I was a little scared about this experience. I read a lot of books on this subject, talked to friends, family, everyone who had been through this experience, even watched videos of childbirth, which should be forbidden to pregnant woman, and the conclusion was always the same: it's going to hurt a lot ! and there is nothing I can do.

How easing labor pains methods worked for me

On the market there are quite a few non-invasive methods to ease labor pains, like hypnotic techniques, massage, deep breathing and yoga, visualization, music, brainwave entertainment audio which can be played and promises to alter your brainwaves in order to release pain inhibitors in the body, even orgasmic birth.

Besides these methods there is also the choice of a home assisted birth (not where I live though), water birth, cesarean section - a easy surgery which will have you give birth to your baby while being asleep, numb, and the greater pain comes in the next 2 weeks, as they cut through your abdominal muscles and uterus, and finally the epidural - an anesthesia that will help easing the labor pains a little.

After reviewing all the methods, as I wanted a natural childbirth, I came to the conclusion that the best thing I could do is stay positive and just hope the nature will be gentle with me.

I also read that exercising and doing some workout daily will strenghten the abdominal muscles, which are the most engaged muscles, besides the uterus', in the process of birth.
So, for two months before my due date I walked about 3 miles a day, and went to swim for at least an hour a day. I am an active person, anyway, I usually walk about 5 miles a day, run, workout, and I think this had helped me through labor.

This was my body preparation, and mentally, which I think it's the most important, I kept saying to myself it's going to be an easy labor, with no pain, and even if it will hurt, it's only a few hours in my life, but what an outcome it shall be !

When the time came, I went to the hospital, and had a ten hours labor, quite painful, I did the epidural which has only helped me for about 2 or 3 hours, it's for easing the labor pains not for killing it at all, and finally gave birth to my lovely son, who makes every day of my life just shine.

During labor, as I set on the bed with all the monitoring devices on my body I thought about all those methods, and some of them really helped me, it made me laugh and forget a little about the pain: how can a woman have an orgasm during labor, when all of your body feels like you've run continuously for the last months, thinking that women usually refuse sex when they have a light headache or just tired from work.

Labor pain is not such a big deal

Yes, I've been through labor for ten hours, but I won't complain. I believe the dentist's work is more painful.The labor pain feels like a muscle ache, and another thing which words haven't yet been invented for, but it's manageable, and if you succeed with one of the methods there are out there it can even become pain free.

I think the best is not to make such a big thing out of it, because it will pass so quickly, when the baby is placed in your arms everything will be erased.

And, oh, I would do it once or even twice again, only if someone with assure me that I will be granted at least 7 hours of sleep per day in the following three months. What comes next, after you give birth is the real hard part !

Some books to help you understand labor

What methods of easing labor pains worked for you?

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      7 years ago

      i just wanted to tell you how helpful this is. after seeing a lady have contractions in the waiting room at my last checkup, ive had such worries and anxiety attacks about not being about to cope with the pain. this is the only positive article i've read and you've helped me learn to let this worry go. thanks so much, i just wanted you to know :)


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