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Easy Healthy Diet Tips

Updated on March 14, 2011

Healthy eating is not about severe nutritional knowhow philosophies like staying unrealistically thin or hiding from yourself those foods you like. It’s more about feeling good, having always spare energy, and staying as healthy as much possible all, which can be accomplished by learning some nutrition and eating basics and using them in a way that makes you feel better and that it works for you.

For a healthy diet, here are some tips on how to choose foods that perk up your health and avoid foods that raise risk for illnesses while creating a diet plan that works for you and that you can enjoy. Eat enough calories but don’t over indulge.

  • Maintain a balance between your calorie intake and calorie burn, don’t eat more food than your body can use. The average recommended daily allowance is 2,000 calories, but of course this depends on your age, sex, height, weight, and physical activity.
  • Eat a wide variety of foods, healthy eating and following a healthy diet is an opportunity to expand and experiment your range of choices and tastes by trying different foods especially vegetables, whole grains, fruits that you don’t usually eat. Keep portions moderate, especially the high calorie foods.
  • For years serving sizes have swollen, not only at home but mostly in restaurants. Choose a starter instead of an entree, splitting a dish with a friend and not ordering supersized anything. Reduce your meat intake and allow more room for fish and sea foods.

  • Eat plenty of fruits, all sorts of fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes foods high in complex carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, and minerals all low in fat and free of cholesterol. Try to get fresh local produce close to your home.
  • Water, drink water and more of it still. Our bodies are 75% water and are a vital part of a healthy diet.
  • Water helps flush and clean our systems, especially the kidneys and bladder of waste foodstuffs and toxins.
  • A majority of people go through life dehydrated. Going to washroom regularly is not embarrassing, but healthy!
  • Educate yourself in saying NO to sugary foods, salt, and refined products.
  • Sugar is added to a vast selection of foods. Considering that just one daily can of your favorite soda (160 calories) can increase your weight by 8 kg over a year.
  • Don’t be a diet fanatic. You can enjoy your favorite sweets and fried foods in control but as long as they are an infrequent part of your overall healthy diet.
  • Eating food is a pleasure, and pleasure is good for your heart and mind, even if those potato chips are not! A healthy diet improves your energy, stamina and your feeling of wellbeing while reducing your risk of diseases.
  • Regular exercise and physical activity will make any healthy eating plan work even better.


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