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Olive Oil And Its Benefits

Updated on March 14, 2011

The Mediterranean diet has included for many a millennia olives and olive oil and has been recognized as one of the healthiest diets worldwide. Studies show that a diet that includes olives and olive oil helps lower the levels of the bad cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart attacks and various cancers.

Countries like Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece, know about the benefits. These countries know the healthy effect of olive oil on high blood cholesterol levels, cardiovascular diseases, stomach trouble, skin moisturizing and much more. Especially in Crete as for example, where the highest consumption of olive oil is per person in the world, has the lowest rate of death from heart related illnesses.

The olive tree has been cultivated for more than 3,000 years in Mediterranean countries and due to its recognized culinary and medicinal properties was brought from Asia long before that.

There are records that date back 5000 years showing olive growing and commercialization in Syria. The olive tree can have a lifespan of up to 2,000 years, no wonder its fruit can help us in our quest for a healthier and longer wellbeing.

Olive oil will definitely put you on the right track to better health. One tablespoon contains 120 calories and 14 grams of fat, but this fat is the good fat. Extra virgin olive oil, this is olive oil that has been cold pressed, is a long chain mono unsaturated fat and has so many health and cosmetic applications.

The good it does to you

  • Olive oil helps the digestive tract and stimulates digestion and relieves upset stomach, flatulence and heartburn.
  • Use olive oil every time possible as a substitute for butter, margarine or other vegetable oils in cooking, in preparing dressings for salads or vegetables and in making sandwiches. Try a Thin line of olive oil on your toast in the morning instead of butter.
  • To avoid and reduce hair Loss you can massage the scalp with olive oil every night for a couple or more days every second month, let it take affect for a few hours and rinse off. Olive oil is also a great dandruff killer.
  • You have a cocktail party to attend to, a weeding or just a plain outing at your local bar with your friends. Take a spoonful of olive oil half hour before. Olive oil will line your stomach walls and protect them, preventing alcohol from passing directly through the stomach walls into your blood resulting in less “side” effects.
  • Having problems moving your bowels? 1 tablespoon of olive oil in the morning and another at night before you go to bed.
  • The vitamin E in olive oil is an antioxidant and controls the excess number of free radicals in your body resulting in less cell membrane damage.
  • Extra virgin olive oil is high in a powerful antioxidant called polyphenols, and mono-unsaturated fat which contributes to lowering bad cholesterol.
  • Pregnant and you want to avoid those stretch marks? Rub olive oil on your belly every day and you will see the amazing results after you have given birth.
  • Alzheimer’s is associated with the obstruction of arteries caused by cholesterol and saturated fats. Substituting fats with olive oil will greatly reduce the risk.
  • A research of diet rich olive oil, by the University of Oxford, has been shown to reduce the rate of breast, colon, and skin cancers.
  • If you have that really dry and crackling feeling skin on your body, rub some olive oil after a shower and let it soak in for a few minutes then rinse it off.
  • If you’re a French fry fanatic, try frying in olive oil instead of your normal cooking oil. You´ll never go back to cooking oil again.


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    • Lamme profile image

      Lamme 7 years ago

      You have some great ideas for using olive oil! I knew olive oil was healthy, but I didn't realize it was so versatile. Thanks for sharing this.

    • SweetMocha-Monroe profile image

      SweetMocha-Monroe 7 years ago

      Very useful Hub. My mom is having problems with her cholesterol levels. I will pass this information on to her. Thanks.