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Easy Homemade Anti-Wrinkle Lotion

Updated on January 10, 2018

The production of anti-wrinkle creams, lotions and such is a multi-billion dollar industry. In this era that we're living in now beauty seems to reign over everything else even health. If you do not like your nose, trading it in for a cute and spiffy newer model is not such a big deal anymore. Same goes with the rest of the body parts. These replacements, 'mega-tron boobs' or reducing even your big toe, all at a drop of a hat has been brought into the forefront fashion by the movie stars, anorexic models and other famous people. This defying nature is nowhere more pronounced then in the anti-aging field.

Now if you're not a starlet worth megabucks, what do you do if you want to fool the rest of the world and yourself? If you want to pretend that you didn't have a massive forest fire on your last birthday cake, you go out and spend hundreds of dollars on anti-aging creams, lotions, compounds, exfoliating medleys, peeling complexes, astringent masks and what not's...

Here is a list of recipes for just such anti-wrinkle lotions!

The following recipes are so easy that anyone can make them. And they're ALL at a tiny fraction of the cost of just one of the fancy-dancey products from the pharmacy. And better yet work just as well.

You will need to experiment with them to find out which is just the right kind for your skin type.

Do not cover your full face with any creams or lotions store bought or homemade. Try a bit on the underside of your arm just above the elbow, the skin there is almost as sensitive there as the skin on your face. This is just to make sure that you do not have any reactions to any of the ingredients.

Tools you will need are just things from around your kitchen. You will need a blender, large coffee filters (I kept the plastic cone -thingy- from my now long ago dearly departed Melita Coffee pot... it works perfect for straining all my goo-s and such)

Recipe #1

Anti-aging cream!

This also has a nice cooling effect and can also double as a sun protection for the face. (caution if your hubby or boyfriend really likes cucumbers he might just by mistake nibble at your face instead of his sandwich)

Combine in a blender and let it run until it's a totally smooth paste.

2 ripe cucumbers, skin and all

1/2 ripe avocado

3-4 leafs of fresh mint (either peppermint or spearmint)

1/2 oz almond oil (available at the healthfood store...keep refrigerated as it will go rancid fast otherwise)

1/2 teaspoon tincture of Benzoin (available at drug store or health food store)

1 cups of distilled water or (boiled and then cooled)

Apply the paste to the whole face or just the wrinkle areas especially around the eyes and neck morning and night. Leave on for 15-20 minutes rinse off with lukewarm water. Dab skin dry (do not rub). Keep in a jar with tightly closing lid in the fridge, "cream" should last at least 3-4 days by then you will have used most of it up anyway. Repeat using this cream every week then slow by slow you can reduce using it by a couple of days or so then you'll only need to use it for a couple of 'treatments' every two weeks

Field poppies
Field poppies

Recipe #2

This one is the one... maybe I shouldn't share this one "la piece de resistance" Honestly in my opinion half of me doesn't look a day over 27... (just being silly here)

This recipe has only three ingredients... are you ready?

Anti-wrinkle lotion


25-30 fresh field poppy petals (Papaver rhoeas)

15-20 fresh nasturtium petals (nasturcium indicum)

5-8 fresh calendula flower heads (calendula officinalis) Also known as garden or pot marigold

2 cups/500ml boiling water


Drop all the flower petals and heads into the boiling water and allow to infuse for 15 minutes. Strain off the flower matter then filter through a coffee filter. Pour into clean preferably dark glass bottles.


Dab onto laugh-lines etc. morning and night. When I use it I can feel my laugh-lines around my eyes tighten up within minutes.

For a pampering "home spa" day combine 2-3 tablespoons of the liquid with 1/4 cup of plain yogurt and plaster it on face and neck leave on for 1/2 hour wash off with luke warm water.

For dry skin moisterizing treatment add a dollop of honey to the above mix and follow instructions.

Unfortunately I never have enough flower petal to use all year round. This is the first year that I'm trying this out:

  1. I froze some of the already made lotion.

  2. I also collected the full set of flower petals and froze them too.

  3. I dried a full recipes worth of flower petals which I will make into the lotion over the winter.

I will report back and add onto this hub as I try out my experiments. (That almost sounds Frankenstein-ish)

Added Info!

I'm reporting back as promised in the above hub.

The results of my experiments:

The frozen flower petals did not seem to be working as good as when they were fresh BUT as always there is a but to add... even though they did not tighten the skin line as much as they do when they first are picked they did my skin and me (all of me) good... Here was a little of the summer sun and scents from the summer on my face when it was blowing snow and freezing cold outside. I also tried by adding a little Evening Primrose oil to the second batch (the oil from one squeeshy gel capsule was enough) Using this infusion with the oil made it feel really great and gave my skin the nice tightness.

The dried flower blossoms seemed to work almost as well as the fresh ones. And because freezer space is a highly sought after piece of real estate at my house I have opted to keep drying the blossoms instead of freezing them for my uses in the winter. 

Hope you try out one or both of these recipes and save yourself mega bucks. Have fun experimenting.


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