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Easy, Three-Step Diet Plan: Week Three. Yep, Still Losing Weight!

Updated on September 10, 2012

A Review of the Steps

Three weeks ago today I embarked on an Easy, Three-Step Diet Plan. Here Are the Three Steps:

1. Be aware about what/why/when you eat. (Eat when you're hungry, stop when you're full.)

2. Exercise every day. I exercise for at least 30 minutes every day.

3. Weigh-in once a week

How Much Did I Lose This Week?

This week I lost......drumroll......... a little over half a pound or .6 pounds to be exact. Ok, I know it's not a "Biggest Loser" kind of number, but it is still a loss. And I'm proud of it. To date, I have lost 3.8 pounds, so that is a little over 1 pound per week. It may seem slow-going, but this pace is well within the parameters of a healthy approach to lasting weight loss.

This Week's Victories:

I exercised even when I REALY didn't feel like it. Whether it was going for a walk, going to an exercise class, or getting on the treadmill when I really didn't want to, I made myself take the first step and get moving. And I always felt better after I did!

I drank more water. I could still improve in this area, but I chose water more often this week than past weeks.

I passed on desserts and junkfood. This was a natural process for me. Although this plan does not have "rules" or guidelines for food, when I tuned in to what my body really wanted, I found that I actually said "no" to some treats, at least a few times, and had no stress or regret about my choices.

This Week's Challenge:

I overate out of emotion. The number one key in this three-step plan is to be aware of your eating. I know that I tend to overeat rather than feel certain emotions or think certain thoughts. Eating is a form of escape for me. I had one overeating session this week, and unfortunately it occurred the night before my weigh-in! After dinner, I had vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup. Then I proceeded to hit the Doritos and a Diet Coke (of course). And then I topped it off with some homemade Rice Krispy treats. And do you want to know the truth? I wasn't really hungry for any of it! didn't even taste good. Maybe I enjoyed the first bite of each item, but beyond that, I actually heard my own thoughts saying to myself, "This does not even taste good, why are you eating it??!!" The answer would be, I think, because of a major change going on in my life. My husband and I had just dropped our first son off to college the day before, and rather than sit there and face all of my concerns and worries and thoughts about this new stage in our lives, I ate in reaction to it all. No, I am definitely not perfect. And many times I just wanted to say, "Heck with it! I will 'start over' on another date." But that would be reverting back to my old habits, giving myself an excuse to overeat on purpose until that arbitrary date came along. No! I reminded myself that I started this journey on August 2nd, 2012 and my imperfections are all part of the learning process toward lifelong weight loss.

So, the journey continues. I am 3.8 lbs down , with 9.4 lbs. to go. Who's with me??

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