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Easy Way to Lose Weight - Dance!

Updated on November 4, 2013

The Exercise Delimna

You know you need to exercise. You understand that the extra weight makes you miserable; but you enjoy good food, and you aren't terribly fond of exercising. It's a struggle that a huge number of adults face, literally daily.

I am one of those people that notice the difference between being sedentary, or more active. I become much more stiff in the joints, and have way less energy when I'm not keeping some sort of routine going. I've got the stationary bicycle, and the weights, and the kick-boxing tapes. They seem to be in solitary confinement more often than not.

A couple of years ago, I remember that I had perked up when I discovered Jazzercise. Being someone who loves to dance (I don't dance well, but still love it), I joined in, and for the first time, I stuck with an exercise regimen. It wasn't until I had to relocate that I left my dance exercise behind, and wouldn't restart til several years later. And during those years without the regular exercise? I felt the difference - big time! I didn't gain a ton of weight back, but, what I did have was no longer firm; I could no longer bend at the knees for a length of time and bounce right back up, I realized one day that I couldn't feel my ab muscles working any more, and that I sure could pinch more than an inch once again.

Consider Dance for Weightloss

My favorite aspect of becoming hooked on dance for health and weight loss, was that I got down the three sizes I'd wanted to, and then I didn't even think about dieting. I was able to eating pretty much what I wanted to, and still maintain a figure that was much more pleasing to me, and my husband.

The interesting feature of dance exercise, or any exercise for that matter, is that you almost automatically choose foods that are better for you. Of course, you're already drinking more water than ever before, because there's no easy way to get through an exercise routine without it. I got to where I had my water with me where ever I went. The whole situation regarding food and exercise wasn't a burden any more.

If it hadn't been for discovering the joy of dancing for weight control, and to improve my overall health, I would still be backing out of that room with the stationary bike in it. I haven't been to a class like I had been due to the economy taking a toll on our monthly spending allotment, so I now have videos, and still get bouncing as soon as I hear that music start up.

The classes are great for building friendships, and for sharing the exact same situation you're in with others. If you aren't able to attend exercise classes for various reasons, you should definitely give a dance DVD a try - they are such fun, and there are numerous types of dance and music to choose from!


Zumba has gotten a lot of attention, and is a favorite for many. The video has lots of dance steps, and easy to follow routines so you don't get bored. There are fast and slow rhythms with resistance training, that burn fat while helping you get tone.

This set includes

  • 4 - DVDs, 6 - workout sets
  • Lots of dance steps, and easy to follow routines
  • Comes with maraca "toning" sticks to add muscle, which burns fat when you're not working out
  • Includes basic workout, 20 - min. express workout, and sculpt and tone workout
  • Includes a "cardio party" workout and flat abs workout
  • Taught by Beto Perez, the originator of the Latin-inspired dance fitness craze

Dancin' To The Oldies

Some may make jokes about Richard Simmons, but he is still a huge hit when it comes to long term weight loss, and fitness dance videos.  The infectious music and uplifting dance moves have been a proven success.

This set includes

  • All four of the original "Sweatin to the Oldies" workouts, plus a new show "Love Yourself and Win".
  • 41 exercise routines set to rock 'n' roll classics
  • 2 hours of bonus material - Richard Simmons interview, success stories, and more

Moving Free

Moving Free Longevity Solution Cardio Dance

Mirabai Holland helps ease people back into fitness with this Level 1 Aerobics DVD. Combining the joy of dance, with the science of exercise, Mirabai provides cardio dance that is something you'll look forward to doing every day. This particular set is geared toward beginners, the baby boomer group, and seniors.

Some of her other DVDs include "Fabulous Forever - Easy Strength - Slow Down Your Aging Clock", and "Moving Free - Longevity Solution - Easy Strength Level 1 Body Sculpting and Weight Loss Fitness/Exercise".

Sometimes it is a great idea to start with a series such as these that Mirabai Holland offers, especially if it's been a long time since you've worked out, or if you're considerably overweight. Too many times have I heard people say that the exercise routine they've tried was just too hard, and they got frustrated and quit. This video may just be the ticket!


Jazzercise will always be my all time favorite. Take away the leggings and winged hair-styles of the 70's and 80's and you have a terrific sets of routines set to music that is so inspiring.

The notion that Jazzercise can be done by anyone in any fitness level is supported by alternative suggestions to some moves that include walking instead of skipping, or small lifts on balls of feet instead of hops. It is definitely as hard as you want to make it. It is a combination of jazz dance, resistance training, Pilates, yoga, and kickboxing movements.

This particular DVD includes 60 minutes of total dance workout in a live Jazzercise class. It also includes cardio and strength sets.


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    • lindajot profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Willamette Valley - Oregon

      You are very welcome - Zumba has quite the dedicated fans, and most are amazed at the quick results.

    • fucsia profile image


      7 years ago

      Wow! Zumba is very nice and funny! Thanks for sharing...


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