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The Top Weight Loss Apps For Your Iphone To Help You Best Lose Weight

Updated on September 11, 2012

With our current civilization's struggle to shed pounds has come many innovations and changes in how we try to conquer that struggle. Today, people diet differently, exercise differently, and live differently. It only makes sense that how we lose weight, track our weight, and track our exercise programs should change to fit our crazy lives.

In the 21st century, smartphones, tablets and social networks have truly changed the way we see our world and how we interact with that world. It is only fitting that we utilize these new devices to help us stay or become fit and healthy. Learn how simple apps that you can get on your phone or tablet can help you make fitness fun, easier, and easy to track.

Probably the best reason to have a weight loss app or a weight loss tracking app on your cell phone is that it is a constant reminder of your goal and how far you have to go to get there. With a consistent encouragement to eat right and exercise most people are more likely to go farther on their diet and weight loss program.

Smartphone Simple Weight Loss Trackers

These apps primarily focus on tracking your weight loss progress. Some will throw in an extra feature or two such as telling you how many calories to eat or giving you some diet ideas, but the overall goal is the tracking of your success.

  • TargetWeight - This app, by Tactio, is a great tracking app to show your progress in both weight loss and BMI progression. TargetWeight will calculate your current, goal, and "normal" BMI for your height. Tactio has included graphs showing your progress along with even more features should you decide to purchase the PRO version. This app also will tell you how many days are left until your goal date. On the actual app's widget on your phone's home screen it will show a number denoting how many pounds you have left to reach your goal.
  • iGoalInformer - iGoalInformer is a very basic, free app to track your weight loss effort. In this app you will input your current weight, sex, birth date, and height along with your "activity" level. This helps the app calculate how many calories you need to maintain your current weight. Once you enter your goal weight and date, the app then calculates how many calories you need to eat to reach your goal by that date and how many calories you need to maintain your goal weight. You have to re-enter your current weight and the current date to make the app recalculate, but it is always glad to tell you if your goal is "possible" or unattainable.

Iphone Exercise Apps For Weight Loss

Many people find it easier to lose weight along with a well planned exercise routine. Few of those people actually are able to stick to that routine. These apps not only will give you great exercise ideas, targeting specific areas of your body, they will also help you plan them out and actually put them on a calendar.

  • JEFIT - This app pretty much does it all. You can use it for fitness, weight loss, or body building. The app allows you to set up your exercise routines, put them on the calendar, choose exercises for your routines, input reps, weights, and it will track every bit of progress along the way. The app will also track and chart your weight loss, and size gain or loss in specific areas of your body, another great aspect for both weight loss and body building. Finally, this app also allows you to create a free online profile that can sync with your phone app. On their online site you can download many workout routines, connect with like-minded fitness or weight loss seekers, and even upload or look at progress photos.
  • Jillian Michaels Slim Down- How else should anyone loose weight and reach their goal other than having Jillian Michaels yelling at you and working you to exhaustion? This app will give you some of Michaels' fat burning exercises and some great meal plans. If you decide to upgrade and purchase the Plus upgrade you can get a personalized Jillian Michaels fitness plan based on your body and your goals. This will give you a custom meal plan, 150 exercises with video instruction, and over 500 meals to boost your weight loss.

Iphone Nutrition and Diet Apps

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Few weight loss programs will work, and none will work well, without a properly adjusted diet. Many people try to work out and exercise to lose weight or get fit, and simply eat whatever they want, whenever they want (and both are very important.) If you could use some help tracking your caloric intake, finding some nutritious and filling recipes, or just finding out how many calories a meal has, these apps are perfect for you!

  • intelli-Diet- This diet and weight tracking app will taylor a diet plan for you and your specific weight loss goals. After inputting your goals and current stats, you will let it know what food you currently have and it will give you recipes and a diet plan. The app will also generate a grocery list for you and track your weight loss.
  • WeightWatchers- Everyone knows about WeightWatchers, but this app is for members and nonmembers. As a nonmember, this app will give you a new recipe every day, will save some of the recipes, and will generate grocery lists from the recipes. As a member, you can also track points, calculate points, and search through WeightWatchers library of over 31,000 food options, recipes, and meals.

Other IPhone And Android Weight Loss Apps

  • MyFitnessPal- This free app is a great calorie counter that will track the number of calories you intake versus the amount of calories you burn by exercise and some everyday activities. The app also will track weight, waist, hips, and neck measurements. With MyFitnessPal's huge library of storebought and restaurant foods, the items you input for calories can also be broken down by nutritional details, such as fat, sugars, protein, etc.
  • Tracknburn Calorie - This app by Healthy U Technologies is a pay app but it is well worth it. It costs $3.99 on the iPhone. Tracknburn does exactly what the name says: it tracks the calories you intake and helps you burn them off. Simple enough, right? This all-inclusive app also tracks your weight loss, your exercise progression, and even your water intake. You can input calories manually or by searching by restaurant or food type for easy use. Use Tracknburn to help you to know exactly what goes in and what gets used to maximize your weight loss plan!

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