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How to save money in school

Updated on August 19, 2014
Looks like an healthy salad.
Looks like an healthy salad.

When students start their university or college, money can become an issue. There are cartain ways to save money in school. For example, you can save by watching what you eat. It can be hard for students to find time to always eat healthy food. During the mid terms and the final exams students often try to save time by eating in fast food restaurants and it seems they purposely put fast food restaurants around universities and colleges to attract the students. It certainly doesn't help when they tempt you to get past their restaurant doors with delicious looking burgers and steaming hot-dogs ads. Most students will probably have engulfed some non healthy food before they realise they stacked some extra pounds. Well, with some practice and some simple rules, you can become immune to fast processed food and get rid of those extra pounds.

Looks so healthy!
Looks so healthy!

Eat your breakfast!

The most important thing you must not forget is to eat breakfast. Whether it's oatmeal, eggs or even a bowl of cereal, it will help you get through half of the day without eating anything else. Besides, having breakfast everyday will help you have more focus and concentration during your classes. If you don't have time for breakfast try grabbing a fruit juice with a granola bar or a fruit. It's not the best breakfast you can hope for but it's still healthy and it will help you get through the first hours of the day without feeling hungry.

Since there are distributing machines scattered all over your campus, try bringing with you some snacks to eat during your classes. This way you won't feel too hungry when dinner or supper time comes and you won't tend to overeat. You will save money throughout the week by bringing your own snacks and you will eat healthier. Try making your snacks with fruits, nuts or vegetables. If you carve chips, you can still bring them as a reward at the end of the week but limit the quantities.

If you have place to cook at home or at your apartment, try to cook your meals at the beginning of the week and save portions for the rest of the week. This way you will save money in the long run. If you don't, chances are there is a cafeteria in your campus. The government is trying to eradicate fast food from cafeterias and it only benefits healthy foods. They now carry more healthy food and will often have a salad counter. Don't neglect these!! If you think a salad is not enough for you, you can always add a small portion in your primary meal. In your salad, try not putting too much dressings as these are filled with salt.

Another good way to save money and have a boost of energy in the morning is to make smoothies or juices with real fruit. You can make a cup for each morning with not more or less than 10$ of fruits. It's well worth it.


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