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Eating The Right Foods for Fat Loss

Updated on September 6, 2010

Fat loss is an issue for many people. Many people struggle each year to try to lose that extra layer of fat around their waist or on their arms. Most people have tried a fat loss diet at least once in their lifetime or have at least considered it. Many may also turn to exercise programs that promise fast fat loss or have diligently sought fat loss food. While there may be no one surefire way to lose fat, a combination of factors may help you lose fat and keep it off.

Of course eating a healthy balanced diet is the way to begin a fat loss regime. Knowing what foods will help you lose fat and how to eat will work wonders when you are trying to lose fat, especially around the belly. The key to using food to lose fat is not necessarily eating less but eating sensibly. A few foods are useful for a fat loss regimen. The most important is water. Water is essential to the body and can actually prevent you from overeating when you drink it before meals.

Foods to Eat for Fat Loss

Eggs are also an essential food in a weight loss plan. Eggs, particularly egg whites or omega 3 eggs are rich in protein, a great fat burner. Oatmeal is a source of fiber, which is also useful in the fight against fat. Old fashion oats work just fine, but steel oats have even more fiber and better processing. As well as being a good source of anti-oxidants, berries such as blueberries, cranberries and raspberries can help with losing weight. They, too, are high fiber and low calorie foods that have the benefit of tasting good.

Quite possibly an overlooked source of fat loss foods are greens.  Greens contain a number of nutrients necessary to the body such as antioxidants, fiber, minerals and vitamins and are low in calories.  Beans and legumes are also rich in fiber and protein, so adding these to your diet will help you burn fat.  Of course other green vegetables such as arugula, broccoli, romaine lettuce and spinach are also fiber rich.

You may also be surprised to know that essential fatty acids are conducive to weight loss. These “good fats” can be found in foods such as avocados, fish, nuts, olive oil and other oils. Lean meats like turkey also contain protein that will help burn fat; however, cured meats may contain lots of saturated fat. Peanut butter with no added sugar contains niacin, a substance good for the digestive system, and is also low fat. If you simply must have dairy, try to choose a low-fat or fat-free product. For instance, Parmagiano-Reggiano cheese is a low calorie, calcium rich food that activates fat burning hormones.

Whole grains have been shown to trim fat from the waistline. Barley, brown rice and oats can aide in your quest to lose fat. Foods rich in flavonoid such as apples, dark chocolate, leeks, onions, pears and sweet peppers may also be beneficial. Green tea is another element that many may not have thought of when it comes to fat fighting foods. However, green tea is said to relieve stress and promote relaxation. These elements are just as important as food when it comes to losing weight.

Sometimes people turn to supplements to help them lose weight.  One of the most common is protein supplement.  Protein powder contains amino acids which burn fat and also build muscle.  Many people outside of body building and fitness use protein powders.  However, in order for it to work, it must be used sensibly.  In addition to fruit, low-fat milk or yogurt, it can be made into a healthy smoothie.  The same cannot be said for foods such as chocolate which will defeat the purpose of your health regime.

Another Key to Fat Loss: Exercising

While eating right is essential to losing fat, it is also important to exercise to aide in fat loss.  Even if you concentrate on one part of your body such as the belly, you will lose weight and build muscle all over.  High cardio exercises are a great way to keep fat off as this activity gets the metabolism going.  Aerobics has the same effect as does yoga.  Keeping consistent good habits when it comes to eating and exercising are the keys to losing fat and keeping it off.


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    • Sterling Carter profile image

      Sterling Carter 6 years ago from Indian Mound, Tennessee

      Really a great Hub. Fat Loss is one of the most difficult things to try to do, especially given our western diet. Protein supplements play a big role with many people because they help provide satiation and also help maintain muscle.

      I am a great believer in eggs not only for the protein but for all of the vitamins and other nutritional components they provide, I love those free range eggs I used to have chickens but the them more than I did.

    • m1tchm profile image

      m1tchm 7 years ago

      Awesome hub! I think you helped me plan out my meals for the next week!

    • JulieCarlson profile image

      JulieCarlson 7 years ago from Chicagoland

      Why is it so hard to lose weight? That seems to be the #1 struggle of most people. Your suggestions are good, not only for the waistline but for overall health as well.