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Eating the Same Foods = Faster Weight Loss?

Updated on October 27, 2016

Variety Can Be a Killer

When it comes to losing weight, variety can be a killer. Many studies have shown that when you have more options and more variety, your appetite can increase. This can cause you to eat more than you normally would (or want to) without even realizing it. But doing the opposite has the opposite effect. When you have fewer options (and less variety) you become satisfied more quickly, and over time your appetite actually decreases. This can help you eat less, lose weight, and reach your goals in record time without feeling like you struggled to do so.

Bore Your Cravings Away

When you constantly eat new foods and try new things you’ll begin to crave more and more of them until you eat enough to be satisfied. So if you’re eating several different foods and trying new things a day, you’ll feel the urge to continue to eat more of it until your cravings are satisfied. It’s almost like when you try a new food item and you really like it, you’re probably going to get a second helping or more of it until you’re satisfied. But when you’re eating the same things everyday, your body gets more accustomed to it, and by the end of the week you can eat less of it and be satisfied. In other words, you almost get bored of the food to the point where you eat just enough not to starve. It’s no longer something new and interesting, or something you haven’t had in a while. It’s just food and you’re eating to live.

For People Overweight - Do You Stick To The Same Or Similar Foods on a Day-To-Day Basis?

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For People of Ideal Weight - Do You Stick To The Same Or Similar Foods on a Day-To-Day Basis?

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Keep Variety to a Minimum

I think one of the main reasons why the U.S. has a high obesity rate is because there is so much variety in the foods available to Americans. While in many other countries where obesity is low, the citizens of those countries eat staples and similar foods each day. Another example of why variety can cause weight gain is the holidays. Over the holidays people tend to be around a variety of food and a variety of new foods. Most people are full after one plate of food but decide to go back for seconds because of cravings from the variety of foods they’ve encountered. There wouldn’t be so much of a problem if all they were served were meat, vegetables, and cranberry sauce. So if you’re looking to lose a little (or a lot of) weight, try keeping variety to a minimum!

Guidelines to Follow

When eating the same foods on a daily basis there are some guidelines to follow for the best results:

  • Make sure you include foods from every food group – To prevent health deficiencies.
  • Keep foods in there simplest form – Example: Fruits – Strawberries, Vegetables – Zucchini, Meats – Grilled Chicken, and Bread/Dairy – Tortilla with Cheese. The simpler the form the less calories they will have, so you can eat more.
  • Take a Multivitamin – Because you’re keeping variety low, you might miss something.
  • Don’t Choose to Eat Problem Foods – Don’t choose to eat highly indulgent foods or foods you tend to want to eat a lot of.
  • Minimize exercise – Because exercise actually increases your appetite, you might want to try just naturally moving around more in your daily life for physical activity, than mechanical exercise for the best results.

Pros For Eating the Same Foods

  • Don’t have to figure out what you’re going to or should eat.
  • Doing Groceries is simpler.
  • Eating less is easier.
  • Easier to prepare your meals ahead of time.
  • Losing weight becomes simpler and happens naturally.
  • Cravings and/or addictions won’t get in the way of your weight loss.

Other Tips

  • Switch it up – change your menu on a monthly or bi-monthly schedule for more variety.
  • Have reward days – Have one day a week, or a day when you reach a goal, where you can break from your menu and have a special meal.
  • Eat foods that you like – But not foods that you like too much! Make it as easy as possible for yourself in the beginning.

Do you notice you eat less with less variety?

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Disclaimer: Before undertaking any diet or exercise plan, please consult your physician or healthcare professional. UltimateLife is not a doctor or trained health professional. Thank-you for your interest and support!

© 2013 Michelle Barnes


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      David Em 3 years ago from Tampa, FL

      This is truly an interesting article! Keep 'em coming!!!