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Ebner's Coulee

Updated on January 25, 2011

Now I'm walking

walking up Ebner's Coulee

is this a dream?

is this reality?

I can't tell anymore

like it's somehow forgotten.

No emotions

Even with the tears that are streaming

salty wet without meaning

15 year old boy just reeling

taking steps without feelings.

I hide in my skin

while people surround me

head in the clouds

how did you find me


Of that, I'm still not clear.

She pushes away

the pain and the deamons

just understanding

not looking for reasons why.

She just let me cry

she just lets me cry

until I gave that sigh

and decide to live not die

Some emotions

The tears are no longer streaming

even with all that is still bleeding

Second time I'd been retreating

You wouldn't let me keep beating

on my own lost soul self.

Now I'm sitting

not way off in that corner

I'm just enjoying a day

I'm just enjoying some play

It should almost always be this way

that is what I've remembered.

The emotions

have been released from the dungeons

where they were tucked away

until you helped me see the light of day.

And with you at my side I know

it can stay this way.

Or if my head floats up to the clouds,

that you'll come find me again...

My wife, my love, my dearest friend.

For better or worse until the end.


Natalie Ramsay - Head in the Clouds


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    • profile image

      Rasta 7 years ago

      Great poem, hot chick, beautiful song. A three-fer.

    • JBeadle profile image

      JBeadle 7 years ago from Midwest

      Thanks LedToolz. I like to put some kind of music with anything I write and generally have that video in mind as I'm writing it but this time I just wrote this tribute to my wife (together since I was 14) and did a YouTube search on "Head in the Clouds" and this video by Natalie was top on the list. When I clicked I too was amazed. That is one talented singer songwriter. That is Natalie Ramsay herself in the video. I fear her song and video is by far the best part of this hub! I'm glad you threw me a bone there too though!

    • LedToolZ profile image

      LedToolZ 7 years ago from Memphis, TN

      WOW!! Very very beautiful, both! Who was that in the video?