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Deal with Change In 5 Ways

Updated on August 28, 2013
The best way to deal with Change is to embrace it
The best way to deal with Change is to embrace it | Source

Life is unpredictable. We are on top of our game one day and down in the dumps the next. When we are rudely awakened by an unwelcomed change, it is hard not to lose ground.

Trying to keep sanity intact in the face of unpleasant surprises is certainly no walk in the park. I have seen friends fall apart under the weight of financial losses, chaos, burgeoning marital breakdown, breakups and other unanticipated events that often leave us in panic. Whether we like it or not, change will always trigger in us the fear of the unknown, apprehension, self-doubt, and consequently inner turmoil. As much as the very thought of change can scare the wits out of the best of us, dealing with these sudden shifts is inevitable.

Accept Change

We can resist change and run to the hills for all we like or we can face the music, move to its beat and enjoy the new tempo as well. There is no better way to deal with the inevitable than to simply accept it. People who thrive on change are usually optimistic and tend to have it easier than those who are wary of change. But, acceptance does not equate to straining a smile while getting axed from work due to cutbacks in the company. To accept change is to acknowledge that we have been knocked down hard by the unexpected and that trying to turn back the second hand of time to our former glory is futile. When we accept change, we embrace the challenges, ideas, and opportunities that come with it.

Maintain your equilibrium in the face of earth-shattering Change
Maintain your equilibrium in the face of earth-shattering Change | Source

Maintain Equilibrium

Keeping it together after being hit hard by life’s unexpected turn is a challenging feat. As our lives are turned topsy-turvy, so is our sense of equilibrium. Still, the soundest decisions are made in equanimity, and it is for that matter that many people turn to religion and meditation in pursuit of spiritual comfort and peace of mind. On the other hand, in the face of a stressful event, simply taking deep steady breaths (as opposed to hyperventilating which only succeeds in cutting off oxygen) slows down time for us and helps in the calming process. Sleep is also crucial in keeping us refreshed and on our toes, helping us sharpen our attention and control our depression. Where there is equanimity there is clarity of mind.

Infuse Positivity

It is easy to give in to frustration, anger, and depression when we find ourselves in an unfavorable disposition as a result of change. We can play the blame game to our heart’s content or discontent, but it is the feeling of happiness that is our precursor to success. One effective way of infusing positivity is finding or recognizing shining new opportunity in the rubbles or grime of change. Learning from our failure and using those lessons to help us smarten from our current slump will take us further towards our desired destination. Positive affirmation and visualization are also great coping mechanisms that help us acknowledge the brighter side of change. Words are important tools in positive mind-setting while visualizing our goals that we have based on recent changes can help us a lot in foreseeing great results.

Find opportunity in the rubble of Change
Find opportunity in the rubble of Change | Source

Make Worry Work

Not all of us are gifted with a natural aptness for happiness. Most of us are worriers who are easily keyed-up by the smallest of problems at the snap of a finger. Instead of being paralyzed with apprehension over the what-ifs of life or waste energy on trying to be happy when we are dying with anxiety deep down inside, we can use worry to fuel our determination and drive us into preparation and action.

Prepare for the future. Watch out for road signs.
Prepare for the future. Watch out for road signs. | Source

Recognize the Signs and Prepare for the Future

With life’s random bursts of surprises, it is really quite difficult to be prepared at all times. However, we can always stay alert for oncoming change to help us prepare for it physically, mentally, and emotionally. Is a loved one suffering from an illness? Are there talks of redundancies or restructuring at work? Is there apparent unusual coldness in a partner’s behavior towards us? All these are examples of road signs to major life transformation, and preparing for them will help us deal with the changes calmly when they finally come.


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