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Effects of Diabetes Type 2 On The Body

Updated on July 1, 2014

Incidence of diabetes is on the rise and reports from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention state that about 26 million adult and children from US suffer from diabetes. Diabetes and more commonly the type 2 variety if uncontrolled can cause serious health problems. It is a metabolic disorder characterized by high levels of circulating glucose in the blood. Such high blood sugar levels are certainly harmful for the body and can call for serious secondary complications to set in.Every organ of the body can get affected by uncontrolled high blood sugar levels. The several organs that can get affected by diabetes include the heart, kidneys, liver, eyes, nerves, gums and teeth.

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The following are the several effects of diabetes type 2:

Diabetes, your heart and blood vessels:

Uncontrolled diabetes affects your heart and the blood vessels adversely. Statistics reveal that in the year 2004, about 68% of individuals suffering from diabetes died due to heart disease and stroke. Individuals with diabetes are also prone to have higher triglyceride levels and high levels of LDL cholesterol. All these and many more reasons, predispose a diabetic individual to fall prey to heart disorders. With this being said, it also requires mention that individuals who are suffering from diabetes have about 2 – 4 times increased risk of death from heart disease. It is also noted, that diabetes is a major cause of peripheral artery disease. In addition, it is also a well proven fact that women with diabetes are much prone to develop heart diseases than their normal counterparts.

In addition, this metabolic disease condition also has a major role to play in causation of foot amputations. It has also been estimated that uncontrolled diabetes was a major cause of foot amputations in about 60% of cases where injury was not involved.

Illustration depicting areas affected by diabetic neuropathy
Illustration depicting areas affected by diabetic neuropathy | Source

Diabetes and your eyes:

Effect of diabetes type 2 on your eyes cannot be ignored. It is a well postulated fact that diabetes can be the major causative factor for development of several eye problems such as cataracts, glaucoma and diabetic neuropathy. Medical practitioners point towards the fact that if these eye disorders are ignored and not treated in time, it can cause permanent blindness in the near future. Statistics reveal that in the United States, diabetes is the most common cause of blindness in adults.

Diabetes and your kidneys:

Kidneys play the major role of filtration. Uncontrolled diabetes can cause kidney diseases in majority of the cases. It has been estimated that diabetes was the leading cause of kidney failure in about 44% of cases in the United States. Poorly controlled diabetes results into diabetic nephropathy which causes significant damage to the organ. In this condition, the glomeruli are damaged which causes protein to leak in the urine. If this condition is not addressed in timely manner then it can lead to kidney failure. It has also been stated that, diabetic nephropathy is the one of the leading causative factors for development of end stage renal disease.

Diabetes and the nerves:

Uncontrolled diabetes can have serious debilitating effects on your nerves as well. This can get really serious and leave you in a debilitating condition as nerves play an important role in many body functions. Be it for movement, digestion, reproduction or sexual function, nerves are important for a healthy functioning of all these. When the blood sugar levels increases beyond limits then neuropathy can set in. Tingling sensation in the hands or feet, numbness, digestion problems, excessive sweating and or difficulty or delayed arousal of the penis all occur as a result of neuropathy.

Diabetes and dental health:

Maintaining a good oral hygiene is extremely important for all individuals suffering from diabetes.The chances of developing gum diseases increases by several folds in individuals suffering from diabetes.


As already mentioned, type 2 diabetes can give rise to an array of problems which can turn fatal if not diagnosed or controlled in time. It also needs mention that, complications of diabetes can often get irreversible if they are ignored. It is therefore suggested, that individuals be watchful of the various signs and symptoms so that they can reverse the effect of diabetes type 2.
Stay fit; stay healthy with a well-managed diabetic life!!

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