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Elbe Bike Path - Day 8

Updated on April 12, 2015
Nature protection zone
Nature protection zone | Source
Havelburg's bike path - so straight, so red
Havelburg's bike path - so straight, so red | Source
The Elbe after rain
The Elbe after rain | Source

Bad Wilsnack to Klietz

We leave earlyish and ride parallel to the railway towards a sports ground. The path is brand new and passes through some pleasant forest until we reach the river. We meet only a few joggers (one woman in army boots) and some rollerbladers in the middle of nowhere. It is a little dull but we finally get to the junction of the Havel and the Elbe. This used to be very important as a canal was cut in the Havel to join back with the Elbe further to the south (more exciting canal history to come). The town itself is a centre for river traffic and a great place to pick up lunch or use an ATM. We were interviewed by a tourist researcher who was quite surprised to find foreigners. Despite the obvious value in the developments within Havelburg itself we are still passing long lines of dead factories. (You don't half get to see some back streets on a bike).

After Havelburg we stay on the right bank rather than follow the official Elbe path on the south. This alternative path used to be beside a small railway but the railway has been torn out and replaced with the flattest, straightest path ever. We get some serious distance under the wheels and then I notice storm clouds rising. In the nick of time we find yet another brand new hotel, in Klietz, after a 46km day. It costs us €65 for B&B.

The storm hits very hard, while on the TV news we see:

  • massive flooding throughout Germany

  • a closed motorway due to flooding

  • a railway crash brought about by the rain

  • a swingers' party raided by a police tank (so many people shielding their faces it even made the anchorman give a knowing wink).

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A markerBad Wilsnack -
Bad Wilsnack, Germany
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B markerKlietz, germany -
39524 Klietz, Germany
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Havelburg | Source
straight path from old railway tracks
straight path from old railway tracks | Source

And the next day

Day 7<<<<<< ------>>>> Day 9 is this way

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