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Elbe Bike Path - Day 9

Updated on April 12, 2015
Up the stairs, over the rail and across the bridge
Up the stairs, over the rail and across the bridge | Source

Klietz to Schelldorf

Very windy today, but 18ºC. We follow the Elbe path (ignoring all 'path closed' signs) to Tangemunde bridge. At the bridge it proves hard to work how to get onto the bridge itself as it has a 2km lead-up causeway over what must be a flood plain. Finally we crack it - we have to climb a stepped bank and then lift both bikes over a fence, see photo. We, being older, take the panniers over then the bikes but a passing cyclist (in tight black lycra, "not a pretty sight") helped us then lifted over his fully laden bike. Aaargh.

Tangemunde church
Tangemunde church | Source
Tangemunde walls
Tangemunde walls | Source

We go over the long bridge and into town, past a group of old age pensioners riding the other way. Tangemunde proves to be a walled city with lovely old buildings and no visitors. A snack of cake (apple, nuts and poppy seeds) and then my first use of the internet since we started. Tourist Information booked us into the next B&B which was in the middle of nowhere, so we go looking for an early supper. Weather now a sunny 26ºC. We stayed in town to eat a mid afternoon meal of pancakes and cheese. We bought wine (for medicinal purposes, you understand) before setting off for the B&B in Schelldorf.

On the way we saw yet more tall pear trees, starling flocks and blue sky. Our B&B turns out to be a horsey place with stabling for those travelling on four legs, but very smart and again only recently opened.

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A markerklietz, germany -
39524 Klietz, Germany
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B markerSchelldorf, germany -
39517 Schelldorf, Germany
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That's what I call a postbox
That's what I call a postbox | Source

And the next day

Day 8<<<<<< ---->>>> Day 10 is this way

If this sort of holiday interests you I can show you how at MyBikeGuide.


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