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Automatic Electronic Treadmills - Digital Treadmill Running Machines

Updated on June 21, 2011

Electronic treadmills have been the most popular exercise machine for staying in shape at home amongst consumers for a very long time. The benefits of a treadmill workout to maintaining good personal fitness combined with their extremely short learning curve and appeal to both the very fit and to those just coming back into regular exercise makes them a very popular choice. Automatic treadmill machines range in style and price so when shopping for these forms of exercise equipment you need to make an informed choice to avoid disappointment, especially between an electric treadmill vs an unpowered treadmill exerciser.

When people refer to an electronic treadmill they are typically talking about either the digital console features and all the electronic feedback information that provides, or they are describing the very nature of the treadmill itself, i.e. it is a treadmill powered by electricity and electronics. For the purposes of this article, we’ll consider the latter to be the case – that is, we’ll think of it in terms of being an electric treadmill…which also, be default, typically comes with a digital console full of great prebuilt programs and feedback mechanisms anyway.

The major choice you will make will be whether to opt for an automatic treadmill which comes with a motor which powers the running belt at variable speeds or to go with one of the many manual running machines whose speed is controlled by the user pushing the belt along with their feet. Which you will end up choosing will depend on a number of factors.

Budget Range Electric Treadmill Pick

The motorless, manual treadmill might be a practical choice if you have limited money and are specifically looking for a cheap treadmill for walking exercises. Self-powered treadmills are typically seen as walking treadmills and are almost always at the low end of the market at very cheap prices. This also means these budget price treadmills are also not built to be very robust and often have very short warrantees to match sometimes as little as 30 days!

Electronic treadmills on the other hand are found in the same low budget treadmill price range but also all the way up to commercial grade treadmills valued at thousands of dollars. These electric treadmills are designed for walking, running and jogging so you are sure to find a style to suit your needs. Automatic electric running machines often feature push button incline controls, variable speeds controlled either at the press of a button and built-in programmes which can spice up your workout by simulating a mountain stroll, run through the park or are designed specifically to burn calories or for fat loss.

Electronic Treadmill Deal Under $1000

Some have argued that for weight loss an electric treadmill is the best choice whilst for building muscle and for leg toning exercise, a manual treadmill might be better as you have to physically work your leg muscles to start the belt and keep it moving. Others say that the belt is often hard to get moving in the first place and you may even have to place the manual treadmill on an incline in order to get it started and in addition to that, the extra unnatural strain on your ankles, knee and hip joints in doing so might actually be detrimental.

Recommended Electronic Treadmill Over $1000

The bottom line is, manual treadmills are cheap, lightweight and might suit walkers and those who are only intending to do light, occassional workouts or who are not sure whether working out on a treadmill at home is something they are going to stick with anyway. Electronic treadmills however, can be found in a variety of price ranges to suit all fitness goals from walking to marathon training. The additional feedback and smooth running deck action is sure to keep you motivated and for longer and might just be the difference between a new healthy you crafted out of hours of sweat and hard work on a treadmill you love or the same old you and a new rather expensive treadmill-shaped clothes rack ornament.

Electronic Treadmill Accessories

Should you choose to buy an electrical treadmill or for that matter any other piece of large fitness equipment then you should also look at buying gym mats to protect your floors. This little piece of advice can save you a lot of hassle. To find out more about the importance of treadmill mats be sure to visit my other hub on that subject.

You will also want to consider the boredom aspect when using your new electronic treadmill as this can be the one thing which will kill any plans to stay in shape faster than just about anything else. The good thing is, a treadmill can be such a mindless activity that you can incorporate a whole range of things to keep things interesting. For example, pick up a treadmill reading rack so you can read all your favorite books and magazines while you work out or put up a kindle or other e-reader or tablet device for even more options. Grabbing an iPad holder for treadmills is a fantastic way to spice up any workout.

A good water bottle is also another essential accessory. Treadmills with cup holders are a real benefit here and a good BPA free water bottle is also a welcome accessory for healthy rehydration.


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