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Energy Drinks That Are Good For You

Updated on October 17, 2011

Real MOM in LIVE green smoothie taste test!

Everybody has an afternoon slow down now and then, sometimes regularly. Americans are notorious for their love of coffee, and newest on the scene as an energy pick me up are energy drinks. However, most often, these "energy drinks" are not what they seem. In fact, they're loaded with caffeine and sugar, and although some may contain trace minerals or vitamins so that they are construed as "healthy" and produce energy, in fact, that energy will eventually become a slump once again. In fact, you may end up feeling worse than you did before you took the energy drink or the coffee.

Today, many people are addicted to coffee; even though this is a "legal" addiction, in fact, it's still an addiction. Coffee is not a healthful substance, but many people still rely and it nonetheless. This reliance on caffeine and sometime sugar as well has led many people into a vicious cycle of short energy bursts provided by the caffeine and sugar, followed by a crash that's even worse than the original fatigue, followed by more caffeine and sugar to try to alleviate the "crash," and on and on.

For a true and natural healthy pick me up, try super green smoothies as an energy drink. Super drink smoothies contain nutrition packed "greens" such as spirulina, which can give you a true and healthy pick me up. Super green smoothies are packed with vitamins, minerals, protein, and carbohydrates; all of these nutritive elements are easily absorbed, which means that your body gets what it needs to truly be energized, instead of "borrowing" from your adrenal glands to give you a short-term energy pick me up, followed by a crash.

If you are truly addicted to caffeine, then by all means, don't withdraw from it completely right away. Instead, what you can do is to slowly cut back on the amount of caffeine you take in. Start by gradually reducing the amount of caffeine in your morning coffee by combining ever-increasing amounts of decaffeinated coffee with your caffeinated coffee until you are drinking entirely decaffeinated coffee; as you do this, try incorporating energy drinks like a super green smoothie into your diet in the morning, either for breakfast or as a midmorning snack, and then have another in the afternoon when you feel that familiar afternoon slump coming on.

You'll find that you feel much better. Because super green smoothies provide nutrition and real energy instead of just a caffeine-driven "high," you'll have more vitality because you're getting better nutrition overall.

Best of all, you may just find that after you have reduced or eliminated your caffeine intake and have begun to incorporate super green smoothies into your diet, you may not find the taste of coffee is appealing as you once did. And this, in turn, can only be better for your health.

Super green smoothies don't just give you better vitality and nutrition. They are also beneficial to you by promoting anti-aging; they literally "renew" you at a cellular level and detoxify your body. So try a health energy drink for breakfast or as a midmorning pick me up instead of reaching for that familiar cup of coffee to get you going. You'll be surprised at how much better you feel with a super green smoothie!


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    • profile image

      viv energy 

      8 years ago

      Good Coffee is an answer IMHO

    • profile image

      beths nutrition 

      10 years ago

      I hadn't run across that many options for non-caffeinated energy drinks. When I tried red bull, it felt like one of those moments in commercials where a person has lightening pulsing through her veins. But in real life that's not a feeling that most people are going for. Not me, anyway. I don't want to be distracted by the shaking and the strangeness of it all.

      I'd much rather get my energy from a good meal (but light enough not to leave me sleepy). This energy drink sounds like a good balance of meal and light. I've always found veggie-rich, cool meals to be the best for increasing my energy and I love homemade yogurt and blueberry smoothies. I'll have to try one of these too!


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