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Epilepsy - Jessicas story

Updated on December 4, 2010

The first sign of any problem with Jessica was just before she was three years old. I had stopped outside a supermarket to collect some grocery's, leaving Jess in the car with my wife, when suddenly Susanne was at the shop door shouting loudly for me to come quickly.

It was the first, but certainly not the last time I was called to witness our daughter having problems. This event was mild by comparison to later times, her first sign of problems to come was a drooling coming from her mouth, and a slight twitch over her right eye.

In a few minutes we were at our local A & E, where we were quickly seen, but by that time there were no tell-tale signs, just our account, to assist the doctors in their diagnosis.

After blood work and a long wait, we were told that she had epilepsy. It was explained that most likely it was juvenile epilepsy and would stop before her teens began, and that we should see a specialist to start a program of treatment.

The paediatrician appointed to us was also a neurologist, which made him doubly sure that the first diagnosis was correct, and he suggested starting Jessica on a course of Caramazepino (the Spanish version of Tegretol).

....he vehemently told us that it could not be and was not anything to do with diet.
....he vehemently told us that it could not be and was not anything to do with diet.

Now I need to explain that as Christians we recognised this problem as a spiritual attack, believing that any illness that the medical profession could not tell us how it started, nor how to cure, was obviously spiritual.

We were also fairly well read (at that stage) about alternative medicines and healing, so our first reaction was NOT to immediately trust what the doctor said, especially when we asked whether epilepsy could be diet related, and he vehemently told us that it could not be and was not, anything to do with diet.

History has shown white coat medicine to be wrong in this instance.

I thanked him for his advice and asked if we could think about it for a day or two, then we went back home and started doing extensive research on epilepsy, on the internet.

Now ALL doctors, especially white coat doctors, hate self diagnosing patients who use the internet, and I can see their point, because if you are not diligent, and relatively intelligent, you can misdiagnose anything, turning it from a minor problem into a life threatening situation, or even worse, believing a life threatening situation to be a minor complaint.

But we are relatively well read and had (by that time) about five years studying natural medicines and diet in regard to health issues. When you consider that in medical school doctors get 15 hours of instruction regarding diet during their seven years training, we were probably better informed about diet that they are normally.

We had a good track record of dealing with peoples health and helping to resolve health issues. In reality we were unpaid, unqualified (as in we held no certificate from any college) naturopaths, learning and practising and doing no harm.

Responsible natural health, just like the old days before BigPharma started mass producing drugs and white coat doctors to push them.

Of course that's this century, in earlier times they would have burnt us at the stake!

Our 'leading' was to refuse the chemical medication and trust God to show us the way to Jessica's cure.

This is a big step to take, because the medical profession are absolutely convinced that believers holding scriptural objections to medical treatment are nothing less than child molesters in the making.

Satan manages to whisper that in your ear as well, which makes it more difficult to stand in faith that our God is capable of ALL things.

But we did tell the doctor our opinion, and he did freak out, but as we had not at that time put Jessica under his supervision, there was nothing he could do to stop us self medicating her.

Let me tell you right now that making that decision is a real step into the unknown, and you stand there not knowing if the white coat doctor and Satan are right in what they tell you, and whether you are going to cause harm to your child.

I understood the plight of Jehovah Witnesses's much more in those few moments, because it's a tough call to make.

Part of the problem in dealing with a complaint that medical science does not fully understand is that there is a scant amount of information available to judge and make decisions upon.

A decision is as good as the information it's based upon, so I looked for information in the only way I knew how, on the internet.

Sites dealing with any health subject fall into a variety of categories.

The most annoying are spoiler sites professionally optimised to keep them at the top of the rankings, presumably set up by vested interests in the drug and medical industry, with the sole intention of driving the faint hearted away from alternative medicine, into the secure arms of the local white coat representative.

They generally offer nothing but scaremongering fabrications about whatever you are investigating.

Personal health is such an important matter that it is immoral for anyone to deliberately misinform the public.

Unfortunately in an industry where 3 billion dollars of profit per year is made on antibiotic sales alone, morality disappeared long ago.

Next you find sites which are just sales site, normally with no real information on them, just data copied from the best sites they could find to steal and make them look professional.

Modern day 'snake oil' salesmen, peddling their wares.

The irony was that in reality 'snake oil' was a useful remedy for many things!
The irony was that in reality 'snake oil' was a useful remedy for many things!

To a degree these are the folk BigPharma's 'quackbuster' sites are warning the public of, but even at their worse, they are only selling natural remedies that may or may not do anything for your money,at least these sites sell nothing with the sort of side effects that are normal in BigPharma drugs.

The finally, if you know what to look for, you will find sites offering solid advice based upon sound experience and knowledge learned by sometimes slow and painful trial and error.

These sites will normally not be selling anything, they contain far too much information that would be stamped upon by the health Gestapo if the sold products as well as telling you what it could do for you.

We decline the doctors offer of chemical drugs and chose to try Cellfood to stop Jessica's 'problem' and it did do so for a few months, (more about Cellfood later) but, we were ignorant at that time of a whole raft of other factors that needed to be taken into account, and kept in balance, to maintain a normal healthy child, when you have one which has been damaged by the vaccinations that were supposed to protect her.

The attacks started happening again a few months later, so it was back to our specialist doctor, who took Jessica into our local hospital for 'observation' and to start a chemical medication course.... and she fared well for a couple of months, then the Carmazepino seemed to no longer stop the attacks.... so they changed drug from Carmazepino to Depakin (Depakot in the USA).... and again things were almost stable.

We got used to sleeping with Jessica in our room, so that we could be with her quickly when she fitted, we got used to not sleeping more than two hours at any given time, of never knowing what was going to happen tonight, of secretly wondering whether our daughter would be taken from us at some stage by this cursed illness.

As the drugs gained a hold, Jessica gradually lost her liveliness, her speech slowed down and eventually stopped, her motor actions gradually disappeared and she started to turn into a vegetable as the drug took over her life and sapped it away slowly.

The attacks continued and even got worse as each week progressed.

We could only watch, now ensconced into the medical system, and powerless to help Jessica or ourselves. The doctors held stubbornly to their diagnosis, even when Jess regularly stopping breathing in the middle of the night, they still maintained it was nothing to do with diet, and because they wore the white coat, we had to accept their verdict on our child.

Then we had the opportunity to move house, from our inland rural home, half way up a mountain in the middle of the forest, down to the coast and a whole different world by comparison.

The main advantage was that we were free from the hospital we had been locked into up till then, The hospital was a good hospital, don't get me wrong, we had no complaint about the hospital, the staff cared and did the best they could, the problem was that they were totally locked down into a drug and treatment regime designed and provided by drug companies who had the interest of shareholders to and healthy, restored patients are bad for profits, whereas patients with symptoms maintained at a comfortable level on long term drug courses are excellent for profit.

We decided to try natural doctors who we believed may help.

Actually my wife came down to my new office and stated firmly that she wanted me to find a natural doctor or else. I did not even consider what the or else may entail, I just hit the internet and punched in 'naturopath' with my location, and found an alternative cancer clinic specialist, whose name I would love to tell you, but it would only get him in trouble.

The call was swift "Hi, my daughter has epilepsy, I see you treat cancer, can you do anything about epilepsy" - "Yes, we can treat epilepsy as well...." - "What's the success rate?" - "100%" - "When can we see you...."

It took Raymond, our naturopathic doctor six months to treat her various imbalances that were triggering the attacks.

She needed to have the mercury toxic poisons which had come into her body from the normal childhood vaccinations and via her mothers milk.

My wife had amalgam fillings in her teeth that were more that 14 years old, and after that time, the fillings start to leach mercury into your body, and if you are breast feeding, into your child as well.

We adults manage to deal with the toxicity, because anyway normally we are walking toxic waste dumps, but babies cannot, so mercury has an effect more rapidly upon them.

For us the effect can manifest as Alzheimers or Parkingsons disease, much later in life.

Ironically ridding our bodies of heavy metal toxins can be simple to do, and by just adding fresh cilantro (corriander leaves) to a salad or (my favorite) a smoked salmon and advocado sandwhich, we can clean most of the toxic waste from heavy metals from our bodies.

Jessica also had parasites to be dealt with.

When you are told that your daughter has parasites you feel terrible, however 98% of all people actually have parasites in their bodies, so it's still terrible, but very much an equal opportunity terrible, with only the knoweldge of the situation seperating those who don't know from those who do.

Parasite need cleansing and there are many efficient ways to do this.

It's another hub to explain this, and not for now, but as a result of Jessicas problem, we all managed to get clear from a whole heap of things that afflict most people.

Finally the day arrived when we could start reducing the dosage of the Depakin that had vegitated our daughter, and with every 25ml that we reduced the 700ml daily dosage, we saw Jessica slowly recover her personality and life.

The way out was to reduce every third day, so getting clear of the Depakin took nearly four months, until day we got down to 125ml and could (effectively) stop the medication.

We were on holiday at that time, and to see her interact with her cousins was a joy to behold.

Jessica was coming back to us one day at a time, a slow methodical return to life, albeit still having attacks spasmodically (literally) as we tried to fathom what was causing these to occur.

During this time we were under no hospital and relied upon our naturopathic doctor (who had first qualified as a 'white coat doctor', so he knows both sides of the fence) and he was able to keep a balance in her life with natural vitamins, minerals and specialist amino acids.

Thankfully during this period we were able to afford the costs of these private medical treatments, which was Gods blessing to us for that time.

This was two years ago, and since that time we have seen progress, but also setbacks when attacks would happen. The attacks followed a pattern, but one which would be and is denied by medical science. New moons seemed to trigger attacks, but as the time progressed the attacks got shorter and easier to handle.

Taurine and magnesium allowed us to manage the attacks and stop them in 30 seconds to a minute from the time we administered the pair of liquid lifesavers.

We managed the problem quite well, but we wanted to beat it fully, then in a few short weeks we discovered some fact that have enabled us to stop the attacks and have a normal daughter, but that's for part two of this hub, or this would turn into a book!

If you or your family have been affected by epilepsy, feel free to contact us for more information than we can contain in a hub.


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