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From Curses to Blessings

Updated on December 14, 2019

Derek Prince was one of the most sincere and dedicated men of God to have lived in our generation, he served the Lord for most of his life, and served with a faith and trust that allowed him to minister to thousands of believers.

This hub is about getting free from the curses that may be stopping you leading the life you wish to lead in Christ.

I have embedded his whole section that deals with it below.

My advice is that you should deal with each one and do whatever is required to break these curses and walk into the blessings that God desires to give you.

It is important that you watch the whole series.

Each video is less than ten minutes, and there are ten of them, so invest one hundred minutes of your life to change the rest of your life, and those who you have authority over.

If you have spiritual authority over anybody, and you do!..... then you need to know that you are free from curse, and that you do not inadvertently curse those you hold authority over.

This is serious stuff, don't change channels, for this will change your life for better or worse.

Part One

In our modern church we too often overlook the effects that curses may have on believers, we should not do this, the spiritual world is actually the REAL environment we live under the authority of, Ephesians clearly tell us that our fight is not against..... flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

Derek Prince understood this well, and here he is providing the armor you need to be able to stand.

Part Two

I could have just pointed you to YouTube and let you get on with this, however if you or your family are suffering from curses and spiritual oppression, you may find it difficult to find the time to deal with those curses and oppression, so that's why I have placed them all here, in the hope that maybe, God will empower you to complete the 'course' before the enemy can rob you further of your blessings.

It may be that God has called you to a particular work, well be aware that Satan will seek to divert you from that course, or make your efforts less effective, you need to deal with these matters in order to walk freely in the Spirit and complete the tasks God has allotted to you.

Or maybe you seek to serve God, but find that your life is so complexed that you are stuck in working for the world, well part three deals with some of this also...

Part Three

OK, if you have watched part three, you will realize that generational cursing can affect us years after the curse was issued, and need to be dealt with if we want to walk as God desires us to walk.

You may have always thought that all this is 'balderdash' well it's NOT, it's as real as life itself, and can affect us until we stop it's power.

Whole churches can be blighted, never reaching the blessing, because there are reasons in their history that allow a curse to function.

God does not override Satan's efforts to frustrate His plan, Satan cannot stop Gods plans in any case, but Satan can use his energies to stop YOU or your church being a full part of those plans.

Part Four

Now listen to part five, and you will see that curses have a part in our battle, which is as I have said... we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

I have had two occassions to 'curse' locations in the name of Christ, one was an occult shop, it closed it's doors within six weeks of being cursed, and in fact I had to return to 'bless' the shop in the name of Christ, when I noticed that no other business seemed to thrive in the local, and since lifting the Christian curse (that sounds scary doesn't it) the shop has prospered.

The other occasion was when someone opened a 'psychic surgery' where they 'operated' on folk without cutting.... folk reported getting 'cured' but at what cost? - well apart from the fact that they were charging heavy charges (disguised as 'donations') they were working using Satan's power, so those who got 'treated' got more than they expected from the treatment. That moved away quickly soon after.

These things are real.

It also deals with those who have authority over your life, these people also have the ability to issue curses over those they have dominion over.... "You will never amount to anything" has the power to keep you in that place.

Listen, if need be several times, to each of these offerings, the WILL change your life.

Part Five

Think about what you have heard so far, and reflect on what this may mean in your life and the lives of those who you have authority over.

Nobody should allow things to remain in a state that they need not be in, when the answer is just so simple.

Step out of the curses over your life, and the lives of those you have authority over, and watch as God blesses you and those you love abundantly.

Part Six

In the next section, you will hear the truth and reality about secret societies and those things you get involved in, which look good, but at their roots are evil.

And finally you wil discover WHY these things can effect your life with so much impact and for so long. You may be suffering for actions or oaths taken years previously by your forefathers.

But you need not do so.

Part Seven

But many will ignore what this wise man of God tells them, for he comes bearing a message of salvation via Christ, and years of conditioning, by the 'familiar' spirits that tug gently at their strings, as they made decisions, will have hardened their hearts from doing such a simple thing as reaching out in faith and trust to Christ.

So like a lottery gambler, who sits listening as the winning numbers are drawn one by one, each number ticking the box for the numbers on their ticket, they will finally screw their ticket up in frustration, as they hear the one 'number' they have been conditioned to refuse..... number seven..... Christ!

Part Eight

That's why I did this hub, for those who know Christ in order that they may walk in the liberty and freedom that comes from ridding ourselves of these curses and their forces.

For the unbelieving so that they may begin to realize WHY some things seem to just keep happening in their lives, family's and businesses.

For the church leaders, who wonder why the same folk are coming forward week by week for prayer, for the same old same old. We need to deal with the ROOT of the problem, before the situation will improve.

Part Nine

So please, listen to the end, and do what God decrees for your salvation to become effective, ans step out into life without curses, a life blessed.

You may not get to be rich, indeed you may lose some stuff that holds you back from Gods blessings, but you will walk with faith and trust and confidence that your God desires to bless you, and will bless you.

It is impossible to understand what walking in spiritual strength with Christ's inner peace feels like until God has released one from the curses our lives and actions incur.

But only you can break through the cords that have bound you to these curses for so long, and ask Christ to deal with them.

I pray and hope that you will walk free after dealing with your spiritual hinderances.

Let me know if you do!

Part Ten

If you have reached this point, you have probably completed what Derek suggested, which is a blessing in itself.

I would suggest that you now purchase a copy of the book he mentions, as reading it at your own pace and keeping 'clean' daily for a while, will speed your 'recovery'

But mainly because once you are free from curses, you will start recognising where others are cursed, and you'll need a copy of the book to lend to them, or to go through with them.

Keep passing it forward!

And finally....

Also, please make a comment in the Comments section, and take part in the poll, but mainly, break free from the cords that bind you.

Now please complete the polls!

Having watched these videos, have you identified curses in your life?

See results

If the answer was yes, are you prepared to deal with them?

See results

If the answer was yes, have you done what is required to release you from curses?

See results

Please report back! - to encourage others...

If you have dealt with curses, please come back when you know they have been broken, and report the changes you have seen in your life, and those who you have authority over.

Do this in a month or a year or whenever you see the changes take place.

Thank you,



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