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Essential Oils for Sleeping

Updated on January 8, 2015

Essential Oils for Sleeping

It is mandatory for a human body to have at-least 7 to 9 hours of complete, restful and deep sleep to have body and mind function properly. Lack of sleep generally escorts you to serious medical issues and life threats such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, anger, stress, anxiety, depression, short term memory loss and a lot more. It also stifles the human immune system. Researches reveal that lack of sleep is the leading cause of accidents too in metropolitan areas.

The advantages of sleeping properly are numerous for instance sleeping can reduce the risk of having fatal diseases such as cancer. Not only that, it reduces the level of inflammation in the body but also makes skin healthy, reduces stress and improves focus and alertness.

It is necessary to have proper sleep to reap all the health benefits and to live a hale and hearty life. If for you falling asleep is a real challenge and you are not in favor of medications then essential oils can offer you the best possible help.

Essential Oils

How Can Essential Oils Help You to Sleep Serenely?

Most of the sleeping problems can be simply resolved with the use of essential oils. The use of essential oils and its aromatherapy is well suited to cope with anxiety and related conditions leading to sleeplessness. The best quality of essential oil is that it can be used in multiple ways. You can apply it on your body or take a bath having a few drops of essential oil in the bathing water. You can also take the help of widely used aromatherapy by putting few drops of oil over a handkerchief and inhaling it or by spraying a little amount of oil in your room.

No other natural remedy can compete the ways in which essential oils address sleeping issues. They have a tranquilizing effect on the body leaving it calm and relaxed. Different types of essential oils cater to different issues leading to sleeplessness. Following are some types of essential oil with their properties:


It is said to be the most well know essential oil when it comes to sleep and sleeping issues. It has such a calming, relaxing and sedative effect that it instantly puts you to sleep.

This oil is proven to sooth nerves. It helps in digestion, relieves pain, lowers the blood pressure and serves as anti depressant. The biggest plus of this essential oil is that it is non-toxic and non-irritant. Do try Lavender essential oils by Young Living. It stores purity of lavender in a bottle.

Lavender essential oil is used for the cure of insomnia and it also provides relaxation when the body and mind are tensed or depressed. It is verified that this oil facilitates in providing comfort to the body when it is suffering from headache, ear-ache, catarrh, stomach contractions, shock, etc, hence allowing you to sleep without any discomfort.


If you desire to unwind yourself up-to 100% before going to sleep try having a bath with chamomile essential oils. This works best with a cup of chamomile tea.

If you are not fond of having a bath before sleep you can drop a little quantity of chamomile oil on a handkerchief and inhale, this process presents you with the same benefits as of bathing with a few drops of chamomile essential oils. It is recommended to try chamomile essential oils by Aura Cacia.


If you find it difficult to sleep because of breathing problems, depression, stress, apathy, exhaustion and catarrh. Jasmine essential oil has the remedy for you. It is calming and comforting, antidepressant, soporific and aphrodisiac. It has no side effects neither it is toxic or irritant. To grab the best oil go for Jasmine essential oil by ‘Esoteric oils’.


The warm Benzoin essential oil makes you sleep better by assisting you in dealing with sleeplessness caused by fret, emotional and physical fatigue, worry, nervousness, bronchitis, and coughs. Best supplier for this oil is Essential 7.


When panic attacks you and leaves you sleepless try having Neroli essential oil’s aromatherapy. It reduces irritability and manages the panic attack which leads to a relaxed mind and ease in sleeping. Try Esoteric Neroli Essential Oil.


If you are heavily menstruating, having nausea, suffering from asthma attack and are not able to sleep because of it, you should have essential oil of rose as it helps menstruation, provides relief and treats nausea, asthma and enable you to sleep well. Rose essential oil also effectively treats insomnia. Most liked brand for rose essential oil is Young Living.


If you spray a little sandalwood essential oil in your room you’ll instantly feel the change in environment. You’ll find your room much peaceful and calm. It instills an instant desire to sleep because of its attributes of being relaxing, aphrodisiac, antidepressant, and expectorant. It also calms digestion so incase if you are unable to sleep because of indigestion Sandalwood essential oil will help you sleep. The popular Sandalwood essential oil brand is Aura Cacia.

Sweet Marjoram:

If you are sleepless because you are suffering from cold, joint and/or muscular pain, headaches, intestinal spasms then the way out to your difficulty is the use of essential oils of Sweet Marjoram. It is very warm and comforting. Try using Sweet Marjoram essential oil by Ananda.

Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata genuine):

If sleeplessness is resulted by high blood pressure, excitement, stress, preoccupied mind or overwhelming situation essential oils of Ylang Ylang is the solution. It tones down the nervous system, relaxes mind and body and lowers the blood pressure. The brand of Ylang Ylang essential oil which stores all these qualities is made by ‘Ungerer and Company’.

· Melissa (Lemon balm, Melissa officinalis):

The essential oil of Melissa is relaxing and uplifting. It helps in regulating the flow of blood in the body, aids digestion, menstruation, and the nervous system. It also soothes all the senses and helps body, mind and soul to relax and sleep. This oil should be used in the smallest quantity as it might cause skin irritation. It is highly recommended to test this on your skin before making a purchase decision. Melissa essential oils by Young living have high liking.

Get Better Sleep with Pure Essential Oils


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    • shai77 profile image

      Chen 4 years ago

      Thanks so much for your comment, rpaulis. This is so true, many people worry about diet and exercise and, while these are important, a lot of us overlook getting a good night's sleep. It's always best to use natural products and avoid sleep aids whenever possible.

    • rpalulis profile image

      rpalulis 4 years ago from NY

      Thanks! This is very useful info. on how to use essential oils to get a better night sleep, and a much safer approach than popping sleep aid pills.

    • services4all profile image

      services4all 5 years ago from U.S.

      This is natural and herbal oil, it will help the person who can't have sound sleep. Nice and useful post.

    • rahul0324 profile image

      Jessee R 5 years ago from Gurgaon, India

      useful and interesting!