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Healing Through Words.

Updated on September 20, 2021

Learning to cope

We all have our own vices, and different ways of coping with depression. Some people choose therapists, and/or medication (prescribed by a doctor). Others find it quite therapeutic to write down their feelings choosing to use their paper and pen as their therapists, and/or medication. I am one of those people who chose the pen over the pill, not saying medicine is bad. Some people truly need it and find it helpful and probably couldn't live without it. So please, please don't go off your meds, or stop seeing your therapist if those work for you.

I used to be on depression medication and I hated the way it made me feel. They had me on so much medicine as a kid. I felt kind of like a guinea pig they had me on one medicine for depression, one pill to help me sleep because of the depression medication. Then they had to give me another pill to fix what issues the sleeping medicine caused and so on and so on. The mix of all these pills made me feel somewhat like a numb, intoxicated zombie. Half the time I felt like I was living in a nightmare, I never want to feel like that again. In my opinion, some of the medicines on the market today can actually make your depression much worse, and every pill doesn't work the same way on everybody. Plus if you don't really need them to begin with, they can really mess up your whole nervous system. It can cause somewhat of a reverse reaction. Besides, I've always been a very self-expressive person. So a medication that made it to where I couldn't even think clear made me even more depressed. I felt helpless and sad, and didn't want to do anything but sit around, eat and sleep.

Since I have started writing again, I realized what a good outlet it has become, for helping me to cope with my depression. The main reason I felt depressed to begin with is because I always kept stuff bottled up inside all the time, instead of letting it out. Writing allowed me to pour it all out. I used my pen and paper as a tool for releasing everything that was bugging me.

When you writing you're free to write down everything you have ever wanted to say without limits or filters. You can finally scold all those people who've caused you pain or stress in your life. You would be amazed at how wonderful it will make you feel, it's such a great release. Doing this along with a good nutritious diet, and exercise is how I have personally been winning my battle with depression.

I have stated this before but I feel the need to repeat it. Please understand that I am not suggesting people should stop taking their medications, that they are currently prescribed by their physician. After all that would be crazy, I'm not a doctor. Certain depression medications, do actually work for some people. Everyone has different brains, and bodies so people have different reactions to different things. Writing has made me feel so free and alive. I never found peace through taking medication, just numbness. I love my long lost vice, and I will write until I can't write anymore.




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