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Extra Thick Yoga Mat

Updated on October 22, 2012

Extra Thick Yoga Mat

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, it is irrelevant. Everyone that has anything to do with practicing yoga will need an extra thick yoga mat!

Extra thick yoga mats are stable and prevent you from slipping on the ground you are practicing on. If you become sweaty on a wooden or tiled floor during your sessions, it may become dangerous. An extra thick yoga mat will also help clearly mark out your own personal space to breathe.

An extra thick yoga mat is often neglected but is one of the most important comfort and safety features. Because it is extra thick, it provides a soft padding for your bone and supporting joints that carry your whole body weight during sessions.

An extra thick yoga mat is generally over 5mm thick. With this extra thickness, it will add superior comfort to your daily yoga routine and will last longer than any other yoga mats from everyday wear and tear. This extra thick yoga mat will pad your legs and provide strength during stretches and lunges. At first it may contain a slightly artificial smell but will clear within a few uses.


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