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The Best Yoga Mat For Hot Yoga

Updated on January 16, 2015

What Exactly is Hot Yoga and Which Mat is Most Suitable?

Hot Yoga is the common name given for Bikram Yoga, a specific type of yoga designed by Bikram Choudhury himself. The best yoga mat for hot yoga can be decided from the various hot yoga mats reviews, but to find the best one will depend on your own preference. The details of the top 3 best yoga mats are compared below.

Hot Yoga greatly improves one's balance, coordination and the connection between a person's spiritual and physical self.

Different types of yoga requires a slightly different yoga mat and therefore there are specific materials that make for the best yoga mat for hot yoga.

Currently there are three types most suitable: rubber yoga mats, a premium yoga mat or an eco friendly yoga mat. Each one has their own specialty and are used depending on the variety of flooring or tiling with which you will be performing your hot yoga on.

Rubber Yoga Mats

Ones made from rubber is generally considered the best yoga mat for hot yoga. Many people prefer rubber yoga mats because they have no plastic in it, provides and excellent grip and is more biodegradable then most other materials used. Rubber yoga mats provide a kind of "bouncy padding" described by many instructors which can help break a fall for particularly difficult asanas.

On the other hand, there are some downsides to using rubber yoga mats. The first thing you will notice is the smell of using rubber yoga mats. Depending on the quality of the rubber used, that smell should evaporate after a few uses, but sometimes may last a long time. Because of its added thickness to act as a buffer, it is slightly heavier than other mats. 

Rubber yoga mats are slightly harder to clean with just water alone because it can absorb your sweat easier. However, this means it can also absorb soap and detergents easier, easing the task of cleaning by totally submerging it in soapy water.

Premium Yoga Mat

A premium yoga mat is also very suitable for hot yoga. This is because the premium yoga mat provides extra cushioning attributes due to added padding. It draws upon the idea of being an extra thick yoga mat similar to that oh rubber yoga mats, but without the worry of being allergic to latex which may be contained in rubber.

Eco Friendly Yoga Mat

If you are seeking to improve your mental and physical health, and also help the environment, an eco friendly yoga mat is the best for you for hot yoga.

For extremely difficult asanas or poses, the mat's grip, thickness and ability to cushion is very important. It needs to be able to help you balance and maintain your posture. An eco friendly yoga mat is able to do all this while at the same time being responsible for the environment. 

An eco friendly yoga mat is made from natural rubber which makes it biodegradable. This also enhances its ability for you to grip onto it without slipping. It contains no harsh chemicals or glue for both you and the environment while making it and while disposing of it afterwards. Therefore, for those that are environmentally aware, the eco friendly yoga mat is the best yoga mat for hot yoga.


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