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Smokers Have a Greater Chance of Develeloping Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma & Cataracts

Updated on March 13, 2016

Out Damn Cataract: Easily Removed With Laser Procedure

The cloudy Center Represents a Cataract    (not to be confused with a Rincoln)
The cloudy Center Represents a Cataract (not to be confused with a Rincoln)

Are You Losing Your Vision? That loss may be a gradual so that you are not be completely aware of the changes that are slowly occurring on a day to day basis. After age 50, it is essential that you see an ophthalmologist regularly to monitor your eye health and prevent further vision loss by regularly using specialized eye drops and checking your eye pressure

Take it from me, I waited too long and I am now paying the price.

As we age, it's normal to gradually lose some of our vision. We become vulnerable to macular degeneration and the ravages of glaucoma, not to mention cataracts.

The second leading cause of blindness (first, among African Americans), macular degeneration gradually robs the eye of its central vision. Laser treatments can be effective and doctors recommend a regular vitamin dosage of Lutein, Vitamin C and D and Zinc to help prevent the problem.

Glaucoma silently goes about destroying optical nerves that gradually and imperceptibly steal peripheral vision by narrowing the field of vision until total blindness occurs, never to be restored. Fortunately it is possible to stop or slow the further development in the affliction's progression with medical and surgical means. The pressure in the eyes can be relieved by the use of specially formulated eye drops, which must be applied 2-4 times a day for a lifetime. Annoying? Yes, but the options is eventual blindness, not a good alternative. While the use of prescribed eye drops can control the pressure they can not reverse the problem

A surgical option is also available, in which a shunt and tube are surgically inserted into the eye to help drain the pressure causing fluids. It is a delicate operation requiring an extremely competent

Cataracts are quite common among our aging population. A protein film grows over our eyes. It may not be evident at first, but as our vision seems to darken and reading becomes more difficult, these signs are evidence that a cataract is beginning to form. It will continue to thicken until vision worsens. The good news is that a skilled eye surgeon can remove cataracts easily and painlessly in an out patient procedure. The operation itself requires less than 15 minutes or a total of about 2 hours at the surgical center for paperwork and follow up.

The importance of eye health is often not recognized until vision problems begin to occur. At first these problems are simply annoying, but as our vision deteriorates even further, it becomes a crisis.

How can we go about slowing or eliminating eye problems?

Diet plays an important role. Foods high in fat are a cause as is the lack of certain vitamins. Specifically: Lutein, Vitamin, C and D and Zinc.

Avoid looking into the sun directly or at eclipses or damaging light waves.. Wear sunglasses outdoors or transitional glasses that can protect tour eyes. If you do close work or enjoy reading, give your eyes a break every half hour or so by looking at a distant object for 4 or 5 minutes.

The most important consideration is to see a qualified eye doctor, an ophthalmologist at the first sign of problems, and annually from that point on. Follow his instructions without fail. Don't take chances with your vision.

Eye Disease Video

Take care of Your Eyes, They Are The Only Ones You Have. Eye issues that were once thought to be uncurable may be improved by the latest techniques. If you do not have a ophtamologist, find one and see him regularly. The sight you save may well be your own.

This is especially true for people who are near age 50

Protect Your Eyes From The Dun's Rays With a Pair Of UV Resistant Sunglasses


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