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Huge Mood Changes From The Foods You Eat!

Updated on January 27, 2021
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Linda has worked for over 35 years as a Holistic Life Coach, helping others to heal physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

The Yin and Yang of Food

copywrite Linda Joslin  Singapore Airport Yin & Yang symbol
copywrite Linda Joslin Singapore Airport Yin & Yang symbol

Foods can Change Your Mood

The knowledge of who we are, what we are, what we are capable of becoming are thoughts of our time right now.

One of the most interesting factors that can affect us on a day to day level are the different energies of food. Something you and I and nearly everyone else on this planet use everyday as fuel for our bodies - or in the worst scenario crutches for our undealt with emotions. Emotions is not an issue I'm going to look at here but maybe in another article.

The Very Yang Foods....

A good way to start is with the extremes - in at the deep end. The extreme heavy, grounding energies are the yang ones which come from salt, eggs and red meat. Or for us vegans miso broth/soup or miso/tahini spreads. To make this simple don't go eating any of these when you are already feeling down, depressed or very stuck in an issue . These foods will take you deeper into the mire making you feel heavier in the body and heart.

Extreme Yin energies

The other extreme are the Yin energies which at the further most point of the spectrum are sugar, drugs - medicinal and recreational, also the so called lighter drugs such as caffeine, alcohol, nicotine. So if you are feeling "off planet", confused, too high for your own good and everybody elses, anxious or nervous stay off the foods with high yin qualities. You could balance that Yin state of being anxious or confused with eating some of the foods from the Yang end of the spectrum. This is something that in our western style of eating most people do naturally but with extreme affects on their bodies and ultimate health. This is swinging the pendulum of balance backwards and forwards in an extreme fashion.

Achieving the balance

The ideal is to begin to eat more in the middle of the spectrum of food energies. The absolute middle point are the grains - wheat, rice, barley, millet, cous cous, etc . Just above this line are the root vegies that grow underground and then those that grow above like cabbage, cauliflower, salads etc. As we progress up the scale we encounter fruits and dairy products and then the much less healthy commercial sugar products such as cakes & sweets.

If we begin again with the grains and go downwards we firstly have seafoods - prawns, fish . As we progress further we have white meats such as chicken and duck and then the darker redder meats such as pork, lamb and beef. Ending with the ultimate yang foods of eggs and salt. For vegans it can also be miso and soya sauce which contain salt.

The most balanced way to eat is from the middle of the spectrum with small amounts of grains, small amounts of food from just above and below the line, with occasional foods further up or down the spectrum as needed. You will then begin to be responsible for your state of being, your moods and your health with no big swings up and down.

From there, after your body and your mental and emotional state becomes more balanced you can begin to choose if you want to eat fruit and leafy vegetables and salad for a while to begin to enjoy the higher more creative and inspired energies more of the time. If you begin to feel too energised you can dip into more root vegetables and grains. This is all a pathway to being responsible for what you do feel and adapting accordingly by adjusting what you are putting into your bodies energy system.


Yin and Yang Balance

The beginners guide to natural living


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