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Fame, Fortune,Wealth, Love, Happiness and Riches: How to Push The "On" Button

Updated on July 6, 2011

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psychology


MODE Of Cosmic Therapy E-Mail O-Gram Invitation: Seeking The Awesome Esoteric Magick Power Within

When the sun shines, it casts all sorts of shadows. These apparitions are not exempt from the beautiful picture from which it forms. All things are intricately connected, therefore, the extenuating diverse relationships attached are necessary and vital.

Helplessness is a paralyzing debilitating human unnatural emotion, which immediately places the person in a defensive, accusing and morbidly hostile position.

No one likes to feel helpless or hopeless. Yet, a majority of the human race fills their existence with just such devastating moods. Why? Because humans do not believe they possess enormous mountain moving power.They don't know how to push the button of esoteric influence and attraction!

They read about it, listen to others talk about it, some even pay big money to attend seminars on its miraculous uplifting generative supremacy but not one, it seems, is capable of actually sustaining it in their lives.

Earth is the school ground for the conciliating Human Experiment.

Although we are born with a storehouse of esoteric gifts, abilities and talents, genuine psychic intuition, the adept skill to work with light and sound, the adept dexterity/speed/proficiency of an unequaled messenger of the gods, the supreme love, appreciation and/or performance of music, a undaunted passion for art with the unsurpassed aptitude to execute, the remarkable command of drama, the religious fervor unmatched by the throne of ISIS accented by an irresistible resilience to trump the destiny of pre-mastered choice.

In essence, we are so unparalleled as gods in the making, the ridiculous way we conduct our pitiful lives is nothing less than disgusting and ludicrous

Each person who enters upon this plane of human dimension does so with a huge amount of karma. Whether you are adverse to the term or embrace it, does not change the facts. You are alive because you have something to work on, out and into.

You are breathing this instant in order to subdue the need of your personal ego to run the show or cast in the towel. Either way you are to become familiar with its devious clever ways to beset you and overcome its deceptive ploys.

Your ego is so indelibly imprinted with a guise that has almost convinced you of its sincerity that you may feel the need to balk at some of this information because of it.

The bottom line is: You like you. You like the way you are. You don’t want to change. You’ve even heard me say, “People don’t change, seasons do”.

So you’ll change when the season arrives. But, that is not the case. Haven’t you suffered long enough in silence to let go of what is not working? Why try to hide the mask of your ‘seeking to be recognized’ under a false guise of pretense?

One of which you appear to be going along with the crowd when the only goal you have in mind is how it will benefit you in the long run. You don’t want to be left out. You don’t want to be alone. You don’t want to have to depend on yourself for the answers.

You secretly envy those whom you are involved with; those whom you deem have it all together. You secretly despise those people who are more educated and can demonstrate that education in some sort of noticeable fashion. (Especially where monetary gain is concerned.)

You are jealous of all those who you deem as prettier, more handsome, a perfect body or more personable in conversation than you are. And, because you feel this so profoundly, the utter helplesslness in this matter beckons you to give up. If you do try to compete or compare your efforts with theirs, you tend to over compensate for what you feel you lack.

You simply don’t know how to kick back and relax because you experience so much hopeless ness in your circumstances. Without the games you play and the added superficial stuff you attach to the outside to impress others, you are simply lost, afraid and alone. . Envy is an ugly monster that devours your mind.

You are secretly showing the world one face while hiding the face of who you really are identified with on the inside. The inability to release old ways of pretense to move into uncharted ones is attached to the naturalness of learning how to be you without putting on a show to please. Will you dare stop yourself from doing and saying the things people expect you to say?

Can you forfeit the chance to be seen a really NICE person? Do you have the courage to risk being labeled someone who doesn’t give a damn? You must answer these questions. You must find the resolve to make them a part of your everyday existence or remain locked in a world of private hell.

You want people to like you so you sell your soul to the highest bidder. (Again, especially IF they are someone who holds a prominent position) Stop the nonsense. Be yourself. Say no and mean it. (Especially with the opposite sex!)

Don’t toss yourself away by trying to be funny, smart or cute. You are funny. You don’t have to try to be. Subdue that which tries to destroy you. Stop trying to appear generous when you know that’s not what’s going on with you on the inside. When you give, give with no thought of how much and when or if it will be returned.

Don’t foster the need and desire to be seen as polite/pleasant. You are doing nothing but being untrue to yourself and the other. When you are authentically kind you are not aware of the sensation.

I think it was Paracelsus, a very wise Swiss philosopher who remarked,” Each man has all wisdom of the world within himself.” What is it you THINK you need or want from another? Now is the hour to accept totally without omission who and what you are in the fullness of the divine grace that has been given you.

You do not need to follow the path of others in order to achieve your specific path and purpose. You do not need to seek validation through academic schooling. You must attend school solely because you yearn to do it for the experience and not for some degree you will obtain.

You must get rid of the natural inclination to jump to conclusions and most oftentimes, negative-ness.

You are to broaden your horizons in the area of work/job/occupation. Don’t be afraid [timid} to try something completely out of character. Humans are naturally inclined to be visual hands on learners who adapt quickly and readily when placed in a situation of inherent passion.

If you will but you apply yourself to the task at hand and not to the surroundings or the personalities involved, you shall see mountains moved on your behalf. But, if you insist on following other people and the way they do things, you will be left waiting your turn because it is always your turn to step up to the plate.

Don’t hold back. Do what your heart beats in tune for. The ultimate thrill of what needs to done!

Don’t waste your effort, mind and energy in things that clearly don’t interest you in the least. Stop looking into the future saying, “One day I’m going to be famous.”

You are as famous now as you will ever be. You are not going to turn into another person who will be respected or admired any more than you currently are engaged in at the moment. (Even if you were as famous as Elvis, himself.)

Do the job because it’s the job at hand. Don’t seek any type of validation for a job well done. The task speaks for itself. You have your reward the moment you lay your hand to plow to turn over the earth in the field. You must resolve this is in your mind.

Don’t work at a job you hate no matter how much money it pays just so you can vacation for two weeks a year. Make every hour you work a vacation because of how much you enjoy doing what you do. What else can you do? [You are exchanging the hours of your days for this exchange!!!] You want to be really rich, do these things.

No matter how much worldly acclaim and sensational fortune in reputation you attain, if you still place importance on the outside of you along with the identity of that recognition that supposedly comes from it, you will continue to be insurmountably disappointed and incalculably unhappy. Keep your mind still, stay focused and concentrated on the simple insignificant things, and you will be so successful beyond compare.

Wealth, riches loves and incessant passion will flow to you all the days of your life.

But, you must be willing to 'let it' flow through you on its way to do its sacred errand. Don't hoard and don't deny the truth no matter how unsavory/unpopular it is disguised! The button marked "on" is "no" backwards. Get it?

Unimaginable Weight of Fame
Unimaginable Weight of Fame


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