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Fastest Way To Get Bigger Arms - Best Way To Grow Big Biceps & Triceps

Updated on April 12, 2014

Fastest Way To Get Bigger Arms

Are you looking for secrets on the fastest way to get bigger arms? Bigger "guns" as they are known, are probably the most trained and sought after body part than any other.

In this article we will cover 5 top tips to enable you to start building fast and displaying your bigger "guns" with pride. Read on for the best way to get bigger biceps and triceps.

#1. More is not necessarily better - This is an interesting concept. If 5 sets is better than 4 sets why not do 10 sets? In fact, why not just train your arms all day? Because when it comes down to training small muscle groups like biceps and triceps "less is more."

The personal goal for you in every weights workout should really be to improve on your previous one. I mean this in terms of an extra few pounds or reps and not to be torturing your arms for another hour in the gym.

This can be hard for people to come to terms with but once you do the gains and rewards will prove that this concept is tried, tested and proven to work.

#2. Focus on your overall strength - When you train heavier on the compound exercises like bench press, shoulder press, pull ups, rowing etc you are working your arms in directly. So by improving your strength on these movements your arms will get bigger and also stronger too.

It's a fact that some of the big guys hardly train their arms or do minimum sets because of the intensity they put into the compound exercises so by focusing on your overall strength is the best way to get big biceps and triceps together.

#3. The best exercises to do - For biceps there is no doubt that the fastest way to get bigger arms is to perform barbell and dumbbell curls consistently. Triceps training should have tricep pushdowns and barbell french press as the main stays.

Important note here, you should aim to increase the weight week on week if only slightly without sacrificing your form to keep those guns growing fast. A bigger muscle will develop and grow when you include these 4 movements in your routine.

#4. Keep constant tension on the muscles - There is far too much sloppy form in the gyms today and people are in a lot of cases wasting their time and effort. "If you're going to do it do it right" is the motto here. Each exercise has a positive and negative to its movement.

Keep the bar constantly moving without pausing at the top or bottom and come down slowly on the negative part of the exercise. Serious about getting those triceps and biceps bigger?

Well, this constant tension will not allow the oxygen into your muscle which in turn creates a boost of your anabolic hormones to aid muscle growth.

#5. Muscles grow when rested - Recuperation and rest are vital in this fastest way to get bigger arms programme. An absolute minimum of 72 hours rest (more if needed) before you train an arm muscle again is the key factor here.

A good recommended routine to keep you on track here is to alternate these 2 routines: Chest-Shoulders-Triceps then next workout do Legs-Back-Biceps. This will give not just your arms but all body parts the sufficient time to recuperate and grow fast.

Fastest Way To Get Bigger Arms Video

Nobody ever said that it would be easy gaining solid muscle on your arms. The good news is that if you follow the guidelines above consistently on a day to day basis you can definitely achieve your goals.

Pay close attention as well to the quality of foods you eat and just as important make sure you allow recuperation time for your arm muscles to grow. At least 72 hours rest before you train the same muscle group again, your body grows when its resting.

This fastest way to get bigger arms programme has to have the same focus on diet & rest as it does on the exercises themselves.

Please leave me a comment on the results you get from following my guidelines.

Fastest Way To Get Bigger Arms - Use Good Equipment For Correct Exercise Form

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