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How to Gain 50 Pounds of Muscle - 5 Tips For the Hard Gainer to Pack on Quality Muscle (Fastest Way)

Updated on April 13, 2014

Are you looking for ways on how to gain 50 pounds of muscle fast? There is so much information available it can be both overwhelming and confusing as to what to do correctly. This article will give you the necessary muscle gain tips to follow on a consistent basis and get the muscles growing quickly on your frame.

Without the correct nutrition all the training you do in the gym can go to waste. Neglecting what you eat will never give you the body of your dreams, so in this article lets cover the correct way to diet to gain muscle growth in the shortest period of time.

How to Gain 50 Pounds of Muscle Tips

#1. Eat at least 40 grammes of protein per meal - This is a good guide for a male weighing less than 200 pounds. Protein should account for at least 35% of your overall daily calorie intake and this will be enough to increase muscle mass. Also it will aid in maintaining your appetite, speed up recovery and keep your body fat levels low.

#2. Eat at least 60 grammes of carbs per meal - You will need this to get you through your weight training and cardio work outs. Lack of carbs can also slow down the muscle building process, as your muscle tissue can be used as energy. Aim to eat the low glycemic index carbs because they are slower releasing for energy and lower in sugar to keep you lean aswell. Monitor carbs carefully for your waist line, if you are getting fat around the waist drop the carbs and up the cardio to keep defined.

#3. Eat at least 20 grammes of fat per meal - Fats are ok to eat as long as you eat the correct ones, so get into a habit of reading food labels properly. Fat is a key fundamental in boosting testosterone levels to gain mass. The fats to avoid are trans fats which can be found in french fries, doughnuts, fried chicken and cookies etc. These will clog up your arteries long term so go more for mono and poly fats.

#4. Eat vegetables with every meal - Vegetables for muscle growth? Absolutely! Firstly the antioxidants will help to reduce the free radicals from your heavy workouts, plus they will speed up recovery by getting to work and healing those damaged muscle cells. Every 2- 3 hours and 2 servings per meal you must be eating your vegetables.

#5. Eat liquid meals 40% and wholefoods 60% of the time - An important part of the formula in the how to gain 50 pounds of muscle programme. Your whole food is full of digestive enzymes that help you absorb nutrients instead of too much "powder food" in the form of shakes. Shakes are there for convenience and try to only use them for 2 meals a day and never more than 3 if your life is super hectic.

How to Gain 50 Pounds Of Muscle Extra Tip

#6. Eat your largest meals at breakfast time and pre/post workout - These are the 3 times when your body will get its best results to gain muscle mass fast from eating your 3 biggest meals. Energy for the day and your training, plus keeping your abs in shape by eating the most calories at these times.

Nobody ever said that it was gong to be easy adding 50 pounds of solid quality muscle to your frame, each individuals genetics depend on the rate in which you add muscle to your frame. The good news is that by following these guidelines and being consistent with your efforts you can eventually achieve your goal.

How To Gain 50 Pounds Of Muscle Video

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    • dwelburn profile image

      David 4 years ago from Birmingham, UK

      These are good tips on how to eat to gain muscle. Just one note on the vegetables; although I agree absolutely with what you are saying it is possible that if you are very skinny and don't have a huge appetite you will struggle to eat enough calories to put on a great deal of muscle. If this is the case you might need to eat less vegetables for a while so you can eat more protein and carbs.

      And as for training; this is really important too. Stick mostly with the big barbell exercises for sets of between 5 and 8 reps. Train hard but not quite to the point where you fail mid-rep. And if you ever do this should only be on your last set of an exercise.