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Find Chiron. Your Esoteric Vault Of Massive Unexcavated Personal Wealth!

Updated on November 10, 2011

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Astrology

The Beckoning
The Beckoning | Source

MODE Of Cosmic Therapy E-Mail O-Gram Invitation: Chiron Esoteric Exemplar of Secret Wealth

Your frantic life is clouded by, filtered with and screened under a mirage of fanatical sexual concerns. These unspoken unresolved sexual issues, whether they be physical or mental, (most often associated with early abuse) which you have blatantly tried to deny, but none the less, experienced in this life, that no one even suspects the length and breadth of disenchantment, dissatisfaction and ridicule, you've so secretly identified with.

These lingering unconscious memeories will remain permanently frozen as an activated ‘skunk’ part that continues to drive blinding debilitating thwarted urges and passions (addictions) in you until you come to terms with your undeniable lust. This blatant lust is no doubt artistic in natrue which is being subverted.

(Chiron, ruler of the individual house region, in your natal chart, reveals the undisclosed mystery that will need to be investigated and blended, by you, in your relationships into everyday living.) You will continually blame others for misery you alone produce until you admit you don’t know how to openly receive unadulterated pleasure, along with the bequeathed rights that accompany it. How can anyone possibly ever interact with you when you choose to reside in a coffin?

You are a creative passionate sensual sexual sacred human being who needs to express openly the inherent regal desires you possess. You are filled to mega overflowing with colors, sounds, rhythms, and sensations you desperately want to share, connect and enflame the world with. But, instead you pretend you need a puritan sustained life of hum drum maintenance.

You are an unexpressed artist who must create or wither on the vine. You have songs to sing, plays to write, pictures to paint, countries to rule and love to make. When will you engage? Instead of food, drugs, alcohol or ‘waste your time/energy/mind/money and body relationships’, allow yourself the freedom to choose your delectable pleasure instead of being dominated by things beyond your conscious control. “…Physician, heal thyself…” (Paraphrased)

You walk around as if in a daze, wondering why something feels amiss. You can't exactly put your hand on it but you KNOW something feels lacking. {As if there were something else you are supposed to be doing with your life.} Try as you might, you simply don't know why you can't be satisfied. No matter how much you tell yourself otherwise; you still remain unsettled. You find yourself looking at other people's expressions wondering what their lives are really like. "Are their smiles real? Do they feel the same way you do?"


You can not continue to hide from your royal yourself forever. Stop identifying with an unrealistic ideal of poverty,gloom. Be real. No, I am not in any way diminishing the ‘sense of desertion’ you have experienced but I am referring to the roots which you deny and ignore. Chiron (Asteroid) declares as Emerson states: “…The height of the sail is directly dependent upon the base…”(Paraphrased)

How far down are you willing to go to experience in this life the inestimable sacred fuel to ascend to magnificent heights of sublime spender? Don’t you see in the pattern and cycles involving these reoccurring desperate so-called (bad) situations which seem so bizarre and untenable, that behind them, a potential life-altering lesson (art) cries out to be learned, remembered and applied? Who are YOU???????

In other words, aren’t you tired of assuming the blame and responsibility for the demise/breakdowns in unions? When will you allow the other to be a partner to you instead of your controlling in fear of its ending before it has a chance to begin? You are so consumed by the idea of abandonment; you reek of defense and hostility. Your unmitigated talent demands to be recognized by you! Stop placating! Answer the unrequited love of your soul. Now!

Chiron is an asteroid which is often overlooked for the meaningful place he plays in our lives. You will discover through research and recovery that Chiron defines your deepest conviction. A passion so indelibly ingrained, you can not mistake its earnest plea to return home. The Earth journey is all about being healed. (Healed of pretense)

You don’t know how to relate effectively. You lie. You cheat. You steal. (From yourself). You try to pretend that you know what you want. But, you don’t. {Well, in actuality you do know but you’ve haven’t unveiled its contents, yet)

Wherever Chiron is found in your natal chart you are a master in that particular area of your life. No, more than that>>>>>>>>you;re a friggin’ adept! Nothing, and I do mean absolutely nothing do you have to be retrained on. You wrote the book. You designed and built the yacht. You branded the horse. You engineered the steamship.

You formulated the calculus problem. You are the undefeatable champion genius when it comes to the matters of the house where Chiron is located. But, who knows it? No body. {Least of all, you.}

Your life awaits you in full vivacious magnificence. But, you have got to stop pretending. You simply can’t go on like someone who doesn’t have a clue. Sexuality is the highest form of spirituality available to mankind. It is the artistic impetus that propels us to move, breathe, live and have our being. Wherever Chiron is found is your life-blood.

No need to identify with the aspects of that house; you are the landlord, gatekeeper, architect and baron/ess. Get busy unraveling the gifts left at your gated doorstep. Don’t delay another second. If you’re reading these words, you are in search of your esoteric treasure. You possess it. No one else has it for you!

Astrology is a fascinating subject to study. It offers invaluable insight in the character and lives of those who take it upon themselves to investigate beyond the parameters. Astrology can introduce yet another veiled part of your character. In order to remove some of the restless bored dissatisfied energy you now contend with, why not read for sheer enjoyment an elementary astrological book?

Nothing too deep or involved, just enough to open the treasure box of talent you have stored away inside. {But certainly one that will delineate the sign, nature, degree, and house of your particular Chiron’s location.} Just for entertainment.

Chiron will help you to demystify the romantic relationships you have drawn to you. You will find out how they were and are necessary for you to move past this self-identified crippling facet of identification in your artistic character. Return to the passioante part abandoned. No one abandons you, now. You abandon yourself.

You go into a relationship gasping for air, feeling as if your very life depends on THAT person staying with you to make your life fulfilled and complete. You end up clinging so tight, you squeeze the very life out of the involvement. Not only that, but you gravitate toward partners who will fulfill the unconscious expectation in the unresolved abandonment issues you carry It's the talent you left behind.

 All of this has to with Chiron’s horizontal function. You fulfill the role as caretaker so well that in the end, you have once again solved “his/her’ so-called problems making you a hero. And, a hero is NOT something you want or need to do. It’s impossible to have good satisfying stimulating sex with a hero.

The Refrain
The Refrain


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