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Find the Best Health Insurance Plans

Updated on May 21, 2011

Need Better Health Insurance?

If you are looking for the best health insurance plans on the market today, what do you do? Finding the best plan is not as simple as picking a policy off the shelf. Every person and family has different health insurance needs. If you are a single male or female, you will need much different coverage than a family of six or a retired couple. A health insurance policy is an agreement between you and the insurance company. You agree to pay a certain amount of premium or monthly fee, and in return the health insurance company agrees to provide you with certain coverages and insure against certain risks.

The first prudent step is to get quotes from different insurance agencies and companies on a similar, or like, coverage policy. This will make it easier to better compare the best health plans for the best payment versus risk versus coverage. When you ask to get quotes on a policy, there are several things to look for in your proposed health risk coverage. A few of the areas to compare would include the monthly premium that you will have to pay in order to maintain your health insurance policy. Right off the bat, if you can not afford the monthly payment, then you have to ask yourself how you will be able to pay for coverage and still make all other household payments. When you receive your quotes make sure that you understand what insurance company is underwriting the risk. It may even be a good idea to ask, or find out, what is the company's financial rating. Also you will want to look at other areas of the policy quote.

You will want to know what are the policy deductibles? A deductible is typically an amount of money that you will have to pay out of your pocket before the health insurance company pays toward a claim. Deductibles can vary by a great deal, so it is very important to understand how the proposed deductible will affect your coverages. Also it is important to understand how any co-payment will affect your coverage. A co-payment is an amount that you have to pay out of your pocket before the health insurance company pays the remaining amount of the bill. A good example may be a co-payment for a doctor visit.

Also look to see what the policy actually covers. The proposal should include a list of medical services that the policy covers or does not cover. Make sure that you clearly understand what all of the technical medical coverage terms mean. What makes for the best policy, or looks like a great deal as far as the cost for the health insurance, may not be as good as another policy that costs a little more. So, it is important to find a health insurance agent that will clearly answer all of your questions and seek to help you find the best coverages for your unique situation. Make sure that you understand the limits of coverage for yourself and everyone to be covered by the health plan. Ask questions and if you are not sure of what you are buying, get a second opinion and get more answers.

Disclaimer: Nothing in this hub substitutes for professional advice and no professional advice is given in this hub. Seek out qualified professionals to help you get the best coverage for your health needs.

Disclaimer: The content of this page is not affiliated with the company names or products discussed, listed, presented or shown. The information provided is for general information purposes only and without warranties of any kind. Company names and products shown may be trademarks of their respective owners.


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    • HealthQuote profile image

      HealthQuote 7 years ago

      do not just find the best plans find the best coverage and make sure you know exactly what you are paying for.

    • Joey Gallo 667 profile image

      Joey Gallo 667 10 years ago from Jersey City

      The right plan is available to everyone. You can find the plan that fits your needs and your price at Get instant quotes and access to tons of free and useful information!