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Updated on January 8, 2011

Have you ever wanted to have elective surgery or healthcare procedure completed but did not have enough money to pay for the procedure up front? So, what did you do, not have the procedure done, right? The Care Credit website provides information on patient financing and payment plans for all types of healthcare finance for elective surgery. At the website you can login, signon and manage your account. Healthcare providers can login as well.

Care Credit will finance dental procedures, cosmetic surgery, vision repair, hearing, veterinary and other medical procedures. Patient financing is provided to many people and you do not have to have the best credit either. Need a doctor? From the website you can also search for and find a doctor and specialist in your area across several health care specialties. There is also a convenient payment calculator, where you can enter an amount and it will calculate the monthly payments amount. The Care Credit Healthcare Finance website is at

CareCredit Application

You can complete your Care Credit application online at their official website. It is fast, secure and easy. You will also instantly find out if you have been approved. If approved, you are able to start using your account right then if you choose to do so. You will be able to login to your account and start planning payment and patient financing money for your medical procedure. You can arrange healthcare finance money before your card is received by you.

You can apply online for patients financing for all sorts of healthcare and surgery procedures such as vision correction, laser correction, dental and dentistry patients needs, cosmetic and plastic surgery loans, veterinary, hearing finance and more.

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