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Finding Sobriety And Preparing For It

Updated on October 19, 2011

What do you see when looking at a picture like this? Do you feel peace and serenity? Are you glad to be alive?

For myself, I feel at peace and so happy to be alive and to be able to enjoy sites like sunrises, sunsets, and everything beautiful in this world. To be able to see these things in a sober state verses high or drunk are two totally different views of sight.

After being addicted to any kind of addiction whether being drugs, alcohol, food, hoarding and so many other things, it's really hard to be able to start to prepare for a new clean and sober life. We want it so bad in our minds, but our bodies just seems to say no!

We are so used to living the life style the way it has been for so many years and we are afraid of any drastic and sudden changes that might upset our apple cart. So, what do we do in order to set out on this mission of sobriety?

Finding sobriety and preparing for it could possibly be one of the hardest things we will ever do in our life time. I know it was certainly for me, but I made it my number goal in life because I wanted to live a longer and happier life before the real end of time comes for me.

I truly think that this huge change in life from being addicted to then sobriety really has to do with your frame of mind and really how bad you want to be clean and sober again.

We tend to get caught up so much in our addicted life that we can't see beyond it to really analyze our true purpose in life. We want a sober life not only for ourselves, but for our families as well. No one wants alcoholism in a family

Everyone involved needs to try very hard to help the person with their addiction and explain to them just how life is being sober, and how their life will be, if they continue the life style they live now.

The point of the matter is that no one will quit drinking alcohol until they are truly ready to surrender to their demons, and not until then..

The addict or alcoholic must truly want to better their life in all areas, first by having and keeping a positive attitude in not only this journey, but anything that life throws at us. Without positivity in your life nothing will change and you will stay just about where you are now forever.

The big question here is how much does the addicted person love themselves. Do they love them self enough to save their own life? Well, the answer only lies in the mind of the addicted.

Think about it the next time you decide to use or tilt that bottle again. Take a moment and just look at yourself, and just say "I Love You" who ever and where ever you are in my body. Pray to God for his help and ask for the help you need to conquer and destroy your demons that have been controlling your life for so many years.

Stay Positive and Love yourself. Give yourself what you deserve which is a Longer and Happier Life. It's worth all the hard work, and if you have determination and the willpower you will achieve your sobriety and will see just how life can be living it SOBER!


© 2010 Mark Bruno


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    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 7 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      Thank you lorlie6 for your comment. Every Hub I write I try to get the word out to hopefully be able to make someone addicted to just stop and thin for a moment before they use.

    • lorlie6 profile image

      Laurel Rogers 7 years ago from Bishop, Ca

      What an amazing video and story. The Clean Life, information such as this should be put out there every chance we can.

      Well done!