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Finding Your Happy Place---How to Unwind from a Stressful Day

Updated on June 19, 2013

So You Had a Bad Day

You've had a bad day at work. Your boss yelled at you. A project you've been working on fell apart. You had a fight with a co-worker. A customer accused you of rudeness, when he or she was in fact the rude one. The corporate office mandated changes that are both inefficient and asinine.

Your mother just spent half of an hour telling you why your brother is a better son than you. You aren't successful enough, well-off enough, and haven't produced enough progeny to suit her wants and needs.

Your wife (or husband) is nagging you about this or that. He (or she) is 'fine' and 'nothing' is wrong. He (or she) is both shooting daggers from his (or her) eyes and giving you the silent treatment. You anticipate a night on the couch.

No matter the reason, you've had a bad day. Whirling thoughts are plaguing your overworked, overtired brain, and there is a buzzing in your ears, adding to the dull thump, thump, that is the throbbing of your splitting headache. As you place a pillow and blanket on the couch for later, you know sleep will be elusive, because the stress is suffocating and overwhelming you simultaneously.

This is a bad day.

Finding your personal way of dealing with stress will help you in health and in your relationships.
Finding your personal way of dealing with stress will help you in health and in your relationships. | Source

How Do You Deal With Stress

There are many ways to alleviate stress. Some are healthy; some are less healthy. My personal method of choice is to burrow under my covers listening to Harry Potter audiobooks. This might work for you, but you'll have to find out on your own. Other people need a nap, need to rant, need a bubble bath. Another stress reliever I enjoy is painting pottery at a shop in my area. I'm not very good at it, but it takes my mind off of my troubles. It calms me; each paint stroke like a soothing balm against inflamed skin. Reading a good book is a wonderful way to escape reality. It quiets your thoughts, giving you the opportunity to come back to the stressful problem later but with renewed clarity. There are a few, er, less than g-rated avenues for alleviating stress, but I'm sure discerning readers can infer those for themselves. Some people meditate or do yoga, or exercise, which is a very healthy way to alleviate stress (in moderation). Some people internalize their feelings and allow themselves to get depressed. Some people cook when they are stressed, but some people also stress-eat, which is an unhealthy way to deal with stress.

Some people like going to spas or having a manicure. When I have a heated discussion with my mother, I call my best friend and she helps me see reason instead of just red. Whichever method you choose for clearing your head, alleviating stress, and calming the nerves, it is essential that you make time to utilize it. Not alleviating the stress can cause serious issues, not least of these are the physical and mental health issues that come alongside of stress.

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How Stress Build-up Can Affect You

What happens when you have a balloon and you keep putting air in it beyond its capacity? It explodes or pops. Maybe that's not the best example. If you don't let the stress out, siphon it off slowly, and you simply allow more and more stress to be piled on top of it, you'll erupt. Like a volcano. Mount St. Stress-filled Person. Your 'lava' will spew onto any man, woman, child, or beast that comes in your path. You will not care if they are deserving or not. This can cause strain in your professional, personal, or familial relationships. In short, you're not so much fun to be around if you're stressed out. And, if you're thinking of using alcohol to alleviate your stress, please remember that alcohol is nothing more than a temporary solution. When the self-induced euphoria of a (drink of choice)-filled stupor wears off, the stress will be back, and sometimes with a vengeance.

Beyond the strained relationships and mental issues stress can cause, it can also cause you physical harm. Stress can make your muscles ache, your head pound; it can actually make you sick. It can cause lasting damage to your heart, give you ulcers, cause you to have a stroke, and many other serious physical problems. If it comes down to having a stroke, or getting a hobby, which is the obvious choice?

Most people will make the obvious choice: clarity, sanity, Zen, rather than a stress-filled existence, when thinking it out on paper. It is surprising however, to discover how many people won't take a few minutes to count to 10 before they yell, think before they speak, or look before they leap. They react instinctively by lashing out, because they are stressed. This is the reason why finding a method to deal with the stress in their life is of the utmost importance.


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    • JP Banks profile image

      JP Banks 4 years ago from Ohio

      Thanks, Cianeko! I'll make sure to check it out!

    • cianeko profile image

      Cianeko Abueva 4 years ago

      How to's about stress are what most people look for especially that we are now in a very innovative and sophisticated, yet very complex world. Great hub, JP Banks!

      I thought that you would also like to read my hub on stress:

    • JP Banks profile image

      JP Banks 5 years ago from Ohio

      @Anthony Binks

      Thank you!

      Did I mention my Harry Potter audiobooks?? Your method is not at all childish! Whatever works for you!

    • Anthony Binks profile image

      Anthony Binks 5 years ago from Northern Ireland

      Great hub, this is gonna sound a bit childish but I relieve stress by helping my son with Lego, I find I have to concentrate on it and that helps forget about the worries for a while anyway.