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FitDesk Exercise Desk/Bike Review

Updated on September 20, 2011

FitDesk Exercise Desk & Bike


My opinion of FitDesk Exercise Bike-Desk

I've finally found a good way to exercise while I work.

As I'm typing this review, I'm sitting on my new FitDesk exercise desk/bike. Well, sitting isn't the proper word. I'm actually pedaling - really exercising! - while I type. And although there are a few things I don't like about FitDesk, overall I'd recommend this to anyone who wants to turn hours on the computer into hours of fitness for under $200.

Setting Up the FitDesk Exercise Bike

Easy to assemble
Getting started with your FitDesk is easy.

The FitDesk comes in a large box and requires some assembly. It took me about 20 minutes to put it together, and despite the fact that I'm mechanically challenged, I still managed to assemble this exercise desk/bike in a short period of time (and with no swearing!).

The trickiest part for me was putting on the pedals, and that's only because I couldn't wrap my head around the concept that I should be ignoring the "righty tighty, lefty loosey" rule on one pedal. I spent a good three minutes pondering this absurdity before finally understanding the very clear instructions and paying attention to the arrows showing me which way to tighten.

The only other difficulty I encountered when assembling the exercise desk/bike was with the safety strap. This nylon strap is supposed to go between the two sections of the frame to prevent the frame from opening too far when the lock pin is removed. But when I attached the strap to the seat post, there wasn't enough slack in the strap to allow me to insert the pin. Consequently, I left the suspension strap off, with no negative consequences, except for the fact that I need to be more careful when removing the lock pin, lest the frame suddenly collapse.

Overall, the assembly was quick and easy, even for a mechanically challenged person, and all the tools were provided, so I didn't need to pull out my own wrenches or ratchets.

FitDesk Exercise Bike/Desk

Using the FitDesk Exercise Desk Bike

Quiet, comfortable, but could use a better laptop restraint
As mentioned previously, I'm riding my bike right now while typing. And I love it! The bike is very quiet (all I can hear is a faint hum as I pedal), so it's not annoying to pedal while working, and the ride is smooth, so I don't get the feeling of trying to type while going down a bumpy road. The tension control is easy to adjust; just turn a knob and you can go from easy to more difficult. There are 10 settings.

Earlier versions of the bike apparently had a very uncomfortable seat, as documented by many reviews at Amazon, but the company came out with a new seat in February 2011, and I've found it to be pretty comfortable. It's also easy to adjust for height - just unscrew the pin and slide the seat up or down, as needed.

In terms of working at my new exercise desk, there are only two things I don't like. The first is that the shelf for the computer isn't wide enough to have a mouse next to the laptop. I've never liked touchpads, but I'm going to have to get used to it since the only place I could position the mouse on the FitDesk shelf is in front of the computer.

The second thing I don't like about the FitDesk exercise bike/desk is the strap to hold the computer. It's a very simple rubber strap (i.e., big rubber band). Although it works, it would be nice if FitDesk had something a bit more advanced. Even if they wanted to stick with the rubber strap idea, it would be nice to have some clasps or fasteners at the end, so you could pull the two sides together and attach or tighten them, similar to the way a bookstrap works or the way you'd tighten a swim mask. With the rubber band, you simply have to stretch it out and slide it over your computer and the desk to hold your laptop. It does work, and it feels pretty secure, but I suspect the rubber will wear out quickly from being stretched so far on a daily basis.

These minor complaints, however, aren't enough to stop me from loving this exercise bike. I ride it every day, and I'm losing about a pound a week simply by exercising while I'm online. My goal is to lose 50 pounds in a year. I'll update this page when I reach that goal!

Would I recommend the FitDesk bike? Absolutely!! It's lightweight, portable, sturdy, and a great solution for anyone who wants to multitask and exercise while working.

Exercise Desk Also Comes Without Bike

If you've already got exercise equipment at home and don't need a new exercise bike, FitDesk also makes the FitDesk Pro, which attaches to most spin bike or exercise bike handlebars. This is basically the molded foam desktop without the bike.

Exercise Desk Attaches to Other Exercise Gear

What Do You Think of the FitDesk Exercise Desk Bike?

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